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    Drosera pics
  2. From the album: Drosera

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    For sale

    For sale
  4. I only have one survivor.It doesn't have wavy leaves, unfortunately. Regards Jens
  5. Hi, you could ask him via email. However I would be amazed if he propagated humboldtii in TC as it can easily be propagated by the numerous stolons it produces. I can sell you a medium sized plug with three or four leaves that has been grown in a terrarium if you are interested. Regards Jens
  6. Sow them immediately. The germination rates declines very fast with the age of the seeds. If you have enough seeds sow some now and put some in the fridge and tell us what worked best. Regards Jens
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    Miniature VFT

    There seem to be several miniature clones ou there. The most common one is probably B09, sold by Best Carnivorous plants or CZ plants. I have been growing this clone for about 4 years and it never got lager than 2 cm in diameter. It looks like a normal seedling. Regards Jens
  8. This looks like a severe case of Dionaea addiction. Regards Jens
  9. I just checked my plants. No liquid/dew on the underside, just white hairs. Regards Jens
  10. Actually the flowers last months. The petals are still there and alive when the seed ripens after up to 4 months. The usually turn green or red by then though. Regards Jens
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    Be patient. It may take 4-6 weeks till they germinate. If they haven't germinated by then they probably never will. Self pollination has always worked with my VFTs. Regards Jens
  12. Nice location. Looks a lot like D. intermedia to me though. Regards Jens
  13. Cephalotus often get powdery mildew, especially if light levels and air circulation are low . Mine only get it in winter. I keep my Cephalotus outside in summer and I have never seen powdery mildew during this time. I wouldn't recommed to grow Cephalotus in a closed terrarium. There is no need to isolate the plant unless you have other cephalotus pots as powdery mildew strains are somewhat host specific. A fungicide is a good idea, i would suggest to use a systemic one. Regards Jens
  14. Hi, I used a very small brush (german size 0) and tried to cross-pollinate different flowers. I could even see the pollen on the brush. I got some seed wich looked viable and sowed it but it did not germinate. I still have some of the seed and will try again. Regards Jens
  15. Hi, have you noticed any flower scent ? I sometimes smelled a faint scent coming from the flowers of my U. dunlopii in the evenings. It reminded me of a hyacinth. Here is a link to my post on U. dunlopii. Jens
  16. And this will happen if you forget to transplant your seedlings: Regards Jens
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  18. From the album: Drosera