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  1. have you got already the all red form all green form dentate alien predator photoshopi form and also the mutant giant red sawtooth form :lol: excellent !
  2. up to £150 and you get free one U. Subulata and one D. capensis really it's a good thing for the forum....
  3. Hi Have you more informations about where the plant came from (nursery ? ) Fabrice
  4. it's seems that S. psitacinna is biggest too in this swamp you are agree ? Fab.
  5. very nice pictures thanks... could you tell us more about size of the plants please? Fab.
  6. Hello from seedling you must wait for many years before blooming. You can keep it outside but not under 3°C ( 10 is better) If you want to have flower you must give him a 'cold' period for 3 week. It's why very often here in south of France many people keep them outside until October before ice in the morning. And they have flower in december or january. Fabrice.
  7. Hello I have the same from Jean Jacques Labat here in France (nature et paysages ) labelled N. ventricosa f. from his stock list. bet regards Fab.
  8. hello mine is between 10°C in winter and 40°C in summer. Just one spray of water per day in winter and many in summer. this winter I had some trouble with my heater and for one or two night temperatures was only 3°C inside the greenhouse but there was no effect on him. vanda and nepenthes yes but not brochinia or heliamphora. Fab
  9. Hi François I found some red shagnum in South of France this year near mazamet. I realized that the red 'head' was smaller thant normal sphagnum. It's seem to be the same moss in the same place when you take in your hand and you look carefully. I tried to bring back home some red head in my bog but after few week all the sphagnum growed up very well but all the initial red sphagnum were green and with a normal size. best regards Fabrice
  10. Neil Have you see my post and my web link ? you will see all the different ventricosa variation from all retailer in europe....wistuba, klein, labat, gert, carow etc. When you see ventricosa all green from gert and the dark peristome from klein, nothing to compare for color. best regards fabrice
  11. Hi Neil Have a look here on my topic on forumcarnivore french site http://www.forumcarnivore.org/ftopic12245-0-asc-10.php Best regards Fabrice.
  12. hi aureopilosum Yes here in south of France I keep sarra outside all the year. In summer some of them are in greenhouse for repoting plant and temperature could raise 45°C or 50°C but it's only the air temperature. Water never raise more than 30°C. It's the same thing with my sarra outside. I keep them all the time in summer in water to keep root under high temperature. Sometime top of the leaves burn but it''s never catastrophic for plants. Best regards Fabrice
  13. nobody try in oven ? 50°C for short time for the leaf with a lot water for the root. leaf in sun, root in cool water ! Fab.
  14. hello usually I sow seeds in summertime in the greehouse with very wet ground. I did it for E. gunni, cordata, leucoxylon, urnigera, camphora and nortonii. I have some seed from nortoni, camphora and urnigera If you want to swap some of yours... best regards Fabrice
  15. Hi mine is outside all the year directly in the ground. Every year in winter the leaves died but every year news leaves grow up in one shoot. best regards Fabrice
  16. Hi, Next time, use an S. Flava Rugelli, it's the most important pitcher to catch a golf ball...19th hole. Fabrice.
  17. N. Bicalcarata lost her teeth when she climbs mountain? It's a nice Nepenthes thanks for sharing and I love her color best regards Fabrice
  18. hello all during winter my darling and many sarra and drosera are very often red or all red. best regards fabrice
  19. Hi, I have the same plant from JJL. If JJL have a doubt I think nobody else can tell you about this clone if it's really montana or not. Maybe with ADN test.... If I remember well, for JJL the doubt is about the pitcher, with montana each side on one pitcher touch the other side. so when you look at the pitcher at the top you must see a complete circle for the opening... Fabrice.
  20. Maybe park rangers need some funds to buy new lumbers and paint.... the same quality for next 40 years .....
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