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  1. hi can you tell us where did you buy them ? best regards Fabrice
  2. It's seem P. Bifurcatum. Spores are brown or green? best regards Fabrice
  3. And now someone else will sell WWK on ebay or other with this name.....but the wrong plant fab
  4. very impressive you put them in oil ? lol congratulation Fab
  5. it's really pest in my greenhouse not like U. subulata but it's not the last one. some of them grow in pot, ouside pot, always in water some of them with drier period. best regards Fabrice
  6. I had some flower once there's mant year ago and unfortunatly I don't know why Mine grow in the greenhouse, every year I can see cleistogam and that's all, no flower. best regards fabrice
  7. no sp44... I don't like them I prefer Haplochromis latifasciatus
  8. the main tank : 1300l freshwater victoria's lake cichlid and main tank in my house to breed them Fab
  9. it's not flies to feed her, only hummingbird !
  10. there's a trouble with the green cross just next our entrance at Queen Elizabeth Way!!! there's a ice cream seller ==> thanks google earth ;) Fabrice
  11. There hadn't any dammage between nep and birds? nice birds Fab.
  12. in the book 'gardening with carnivores' (Nick Romanowski) copyright 2002 you are able to see a picture of S. x'tina p.46 it's mentionned : "possibly an intraspecific hybrid between variant of S. purpurea which do not occur together in the wild, although it may also include some other genes" Fabrice.
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