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  1. when you look for it on ebay for the same item you can find them between 10 and 25€ it's depend of the country and the ebayer but all of them come from shenzeng !!!


    for example I used for my fish tank STC-1000 temperature controller with success for a long time like this from ebay you can ind them between 6 and 25€ for the same thing


  2. On 5/26/2020 at 10:39 AM, billynomates666 said:

    I grow mine in living Sphagnum standing in 50mm of water all summer in a greenhouse in the UK. It survives the winter, keeping it just damp, with no further protection in the greenhouse and we are a similar hardiness zone, if a little cooler.


    +1 with Steve.

    Exactly the same conditions for me except I live in South of France

  3. Argghhh I missed my to be

    - graduate from the university of Princetown

    - graduate from the university of MIT

    - graduate from the university of Harward

    - graduate from the university of Yale



    Well done Richard :vinsent:

  4. hi


    an other springtime


    4 years old and the vft is always very light green and yellow almost spring. specially in spring, in automn the vft is more green. But you can recognize her even in automn




    sorry no spare or division yet


    best regard



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  5. I divised the plant this year. The mother plants and specially this older tube are yellow. I put divisions in a less sunny place and the first tube was green like and flava flava.


    best regards


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