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  1. Mike. You are delving into the depths of the hypothetical. The world is only just coming out of the grips of a pandemic. Physical meets take months of planning and preparation. Physical meets will be advertised months ahead of the date. We will take on board your fears and make sure very clear instructions on how to attend are promulgated ahead of time. As you attended the AGM, and we thank you for your support, you will have noted there are many new members on the committee and a new trustee. Give us all a chance to take stock of what we have, what are membership needs and what are members want. We welcome any constructive advice and help you can offer and, indeed, we look forward to receiving such. We will advertise physical meetings and events with clear joining instructions. We will send out the newsletter to our paid up members. We will send timely reminders of membership renewals and how to pay those fees in order to continue enjoying the membership benefits of our Society. But, please, let us get stock of the tasks in front of us. Half the committee members were only voted in on Saturday and we need to learn our roles and responsibilities before we can perform at peak capacity. You will probably be aware from earlier in this thread I too complained about the Society. You will now also see that I have stepped up to help out. We are always looking for volunteers to help out. Are you interested in helping out? yours Aye FF
  2. The link was emailed weeks ago. Please check your spam folder. If it’s not there DM me
  3. @daveq what’s the best email for @MikeP to ask this question?
  4. Est. 1978. Registered Charity number 281423 (Registered 1981) Dear Members The 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Carnivorous Plant Society will be held onSaturday 28th May 2022 at 3pm. As last year, the meeting will be online via Zoom, however we will not be using Eventbrite for registration. If you wish to attend the AGM, please email [email protected]. You will be sent a link to join the Zoom meeting. The outline agenda is provided below this message. If there are any items you wish to have added to the agenda, please provide these in writing no later than Saturday 14th May either by email or by post, using the details below: Email: [email protected] Post: 29 Hollins Gardens, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 0EF Kind regards Fiona Wowra Secretary The Carnivorous Plant Society Agenda Welcome Chair’s Report Treasurer's Report Membership Report Seed Bank Report Trustee Elections - standing for election are: Phil Wilson Fiona Wowra Ian Ladd Committee Elections - standing for election are: Chair – Phil Wilson Secretary – Fiona Wowra Treasurer – Phil Wilson Membership Secretary – Debra Blackburn Newsletter Editor – Ian Jones Social Media Officer – Ian Ladd Conservation Officer – Stephen Morley Deputy Conservation Officer – Francisco Gorni Events Organiser – Ben Morris Internet Officer – Dave Quarrell Librarian – Phil Wilson Vacant Committee Roles Vice Chair Seed Bank Organiser Enquiries Officer Show Secretary Promotions Officer GDPR Officer Future Plans for the Society AOB Close Copyright © 2022 The Secretary, The Carnivorous Plant Society, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you are a member of the Carnivorous Plant Society
  5. Hi all, all membership packs should now be with the new members. if they are not please let me know and I will make sure the right person knows. @MikeP - I know a large order for fresh seeds is being made at the moment. I’ll update you when I know more. all the beat Ian
  6. Phil assured me this year will be online again. I believe this is for the best given the current climate and the geographical spread of the membership.
  7. Hi all over the past few days I have had telephone/video calls with both Fiona and Phil. It seems due to ill health that the society has fallen a little behind, but I left both conversations with a positive feeling that things will improve and improve quickly. I have volunteered my services to the society and during my week off next week I will (once some files are sent) sort out the membership database. I’ve also said I will help produce a newsletter/journal to all the members soonest. A digital copy should be available before a printed copy. The seed bank is now in a good pair of hands and there are positive signs that the bank will be back on track soon. If you have skills and spare time please think about jotting down a page or so of ideas, thoughts, experiences etc that could be used in a newsletter and journal. Feel free to DM me with your copy. Ad Astra per Ardua Ian
  8. Hello @Picavorus! welcome back. Is there any chance you can reach out to the committee and get someone to contact me, please? I'm more than happy to help but I’ve had no one contact me since I joined 3 months ago. There’s no acknowledgement, no welcome (pack) and no answers to the numerous attempts I have made, both through the official website and telephone number, despite offering to help sort this out. please DM me for contact details. Ian
  9. I’m at 2 1/2 months for membership. I’ve just filled in this month’s contact form and asked for a reply. I guess the next step is to assume that this charity is defunct and the charities commission need to wind it up?
  10. Thanks for that. How are you getting on with passing messages and offers of help on? Is the society going to reply?
  11. Anybody got a direct email or telephone number for anyone at the Soc?
  12. Whereas I can see my £20 taken from my account on the 7th January after applying for new membership on the 4th of January. I’ve heard nothing for nearly 8 weeks. Let’s fix this. All we need is some sort of communication from the CP Soc. We have at least two willing volunteers here. Can anyone let the CP Soc know?
  13. So that’s two willing volunteers here. Can anyone let the CP Soc know?
  14. That’s starting to get to the level of a charity commission’s investigation!
  15. I’ll put my hat in the ring for membership secretary. its 6 weeks since I sent money to the CPS.org and, other than on this forum, have heard nothing. They do not answer contact forms or phone calls.
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