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  1. R u kidding me? I just wasted about $25 on something that just increases the humidity of my greenhouse a little? This sucks!!! I just did this since I saw that others recommended it.
  2. Well the heater size is meant for 5-20 gallon and it is 11" 200 watt. The temp without heating is about 35F + the outside temp in the winter during the day and the same as outside temp at nite. The volume of the greenhouse is 19"D x 27" W x 62" H with the bottom of the greenhouse completely open. Thats all I know.
  3. Hey all. I got a small problem with the aquarium heater. It is only increasing humidity and not increasing the heat in the greenhouse. It was 29F in there this morning! With full sun blasting it and a source of heat in the greenhouse I was expecting at least a temp of 80F. I turned it way up to 99F so that it will heat the water to the max and maybe give off some hot steam. Any other suggestions?
  4. O ok thats awesome. Well its going to be in one of those plastic buckets that u can find for sale at about $2 in the hardware shops. Thats the link to a pic. Its 5 gallon so maybe I should get something bigger to heat my enclosure or is this ok? Also, I can just use tap water in the bucket rite?
  5. Wat is an aquarium heater? Is it one of those under-tank heaters? EDIT: O nevermind I saw it on petsmart. Wat size should I get? For like wat gallon tank? Also, will this raise the overall temperature in the greenhouse?
  6. Hi everyone. I just got a new 4 shelf greenhouse that I figured would be perfect for my neps and such. But it seems to not keep in humidity very well. I also need a heater which is a fan heater for indoors. I think it will be fine but how do I keep up my humidity too? I saw all of the other posts but they havent helped. I was thinking of just setting a bucket of tap water at the way bottom next to the fan heater and this would help? The current greenhouse has only vfts and sarrecenia becuz it gets too cold at nite. The temps during the day rite now is about 75F and 20% humidity. (Thats wat my electronic thermostat says) How can I keep the greenhouse warm enuf for highlanders and humid enuf for neps?
  7. Its a natural process to which pitchers die. If it was an older pitcher then it is not gunna die. Even if it was slightly younger it wouldnt die.
  8. Yes that seems to definetly be a ventrata.
  9. Wat im doing rite now is just a plexiglass over the whole tank with a gap in the front for ventilation and then 2 bulbs over it. Is this good? Im not using a hood or anything like that.
  10. Mine is just a regular 10 gallon aquarium. I beleev about 14"x8"x8". (LxWxH) I dont know the exact measurements though.
  11. Hi all I just got finished with the lighting of my new terrarium and Im not sure if the light is sufficient enuf. I have 2 25 watt equivelent to 100 watt floroucent compact bulbs over the top of the tank with no reflecting material on the sides or back. Is this enuf? 50watt total? I have a raff, bical, ventrat,ventricosa,coccinea,and a ceph. Is the lighting enuf for these? By the way the lights are about 5-6 inches away from the plants. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!
  12. Yea its in a windowsill with bright indirect light coming in. I would use bigger lights but I cant since I only have one set of the electrical shock things to put the cords into and Im already using two of them. Once I get an extension I can use more lighting.