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  1. Hi! Will raises some interesting points. In my opinion it is necessary to secure a fluffy substrate. It is also important to have a good air circulation above the substrate. Another point is the heat. Especially when the soil is very wet and you have some hot days with stagnating air brown heart disease appears quite often. I usually water my plants from above, because the grow within plastic bowls, but if you have an airy situation for your plants this is no problem. So keep up growing and try to increase air movement and maybe a little less water. Cheers Chris
  2. Hey Willy, very impressive collection and amazing space you can use. ;-) Ahh that´s the huge light conus I can see from the university. ;-) Cheers Chris
  3. Hey guy´s, I have some P. calderoniae for about a year now and I don´t see that this plant is more difficult than P. medusina or heterophylla. I grow it in a light soil mixture with peat, a little bit sand, vermiculite, perlite. I don´t use any lime although it´s habitat offers large lime amounts. The plants grows on a south facing windowsill with several hours of direct sunlight. A little bit higher humidity is favoured I think, especially when the plant starts to grow from winter rosette. Grow periode started a little bit late, compareable with P. medusina. The pot of the plant stands
  4. Hey folks, after some time new snapshots from my collection. You can find the uploaded pictures in the GFP Forum: http://forum.carnivoren.org/index.php?/topic/33097-pinguicula-calderionae-und-einige-weitere/page__pid__151114#entry151114 Cheers Chris
  5. Hello guys, very interesting replys, here are the correct labels: Pflanze 1: P. rectifolia with a missing petale Pflanze 2: P. pilosa Pflanze 3: P. lautner 92/52 x P. gypsicola ´buena vista´ well I think it was impossible to guess correct ;-) Pflanze 4: P. crassifolia beautiful color :) Pflanze 5: P. laueana x debbertiana wonderful and large flower, that I could see for the first time some days ago, really impressive for me Pflanze 6: P. jaumavensis x cyclosecta Die cyclosecta lässt sich nicht verbergen, viele haben ja auf P. ´Jannes´ getippt. Of course you can see that the plant
  6. Hey there, one day left to guess what Pings are shown. ;-) Cheers Chris
  7. Hello everybody, after some nice flowers in the past weeks I would like to start a little contest. Attached you can find some Pinguicula pictures. Some of them are pure plants others are hybrids. Some plants are quite easy to guess others perhaps not. The rules: The person that has guessed the most plants (the name is enough, no location data or so needed) correct will win the first price. The winnings: Place 1: 1 x Pinguicula ´Jannes´ + 1 x Pinguicula ´Johanna´, free shipping (within Germany and EU) Place 2: Some seeds (maybe 10 or more if I have enough) of a crossing "Pinguicula ??? x P
  8. Congratulation to the winners. Plants will be send monday morning. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi! The corret name is Pinguicula vallisneriifolia. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi! Here some pictures from my collection with some own hybrids and Pinguicula calderoniae. Cheers Christian
  11. Hello Ian! He can come to me for holidays to repott some plants. I will give him food, water and something to play in his brakes. Deal?! ^^ Cheers Chris
  12. Hello Alexander! Some fantastic flowers you show. I really like the Pinguicula moranensis white flower "Molango" and debbertiana. your flower is quite different to mine, perhaps we can chance some plant, I would like to get seeds of them ;-) And by the way your ampullaria is amazing. Cheers Chris
  13. Hi Willy! Yes, as far as I know you need two individuals to get seeds. As the flower shows your plant is not a pure esseriana. The yellow tongue from Pinguicula debbertiana is typicall for the hybrids of P. debbertiana, so I woul expect thats one of the parents. For the second one I´m not shure, but nevertheless I like the flower. At the moment P. esseriana and debbertiana are flowering, so I will try the cross and we see what I get. ;-) Cheers Chris