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  1. keith shoesmith

    Dead Darlingtonia

    I must say that what I am lead to belive about the root being cool. Have had keeping Dalingtona going a struggle over the years I am now going to try clay pots as these may keep the roots cooler to see if this works. I know lots of growers keep them in black plastic pots no problems.
  2. keith shoesmith

    My Plants

    Thanks for posting nice collection.
  3. keith shoesmith

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    They are nice photos it is a shame that when photos and posts are on face book you can see them then tend to drop off. Were as on here they stay and can be looked at years later. Can the mod look at a better system when the next upgrade is due.
  4. keith shoesmith

    Geoffrey Taylor

    Very nicely done, always had time to have a chat and as very approachable.
  5. keith shoesmith

    new members posting crap

    Perhaps New Members can be directed to care sheets etc, Seems a shame to put people off of posting, new members are the life blood of any forum. Perhaps Admins can point people in the right direction.
  6. keith shoesmith

    Central Florida

    Hi Guys I am going on to central Florida in August and would like to know of any sites around their. Would be grate to see some plants in habitat.. I have been some years back but have never got organised properly. Thanks Keith
  7. keith shoesmith

    Sarracenia map

    Thanks for going to the Trouble to do this. I am going to Florida in August and am going to try and find some sites. Keith
  8. keith shoesmith

    Pots of Sundews

    I was in the green house today tidying up some weeded pots, seems I have been growing weds as opposed to sundews. Lesson learnt keep pots tidy. Keith
  9. keith shoesmith

    Looking for a new owner for CPUK

    Good Luck Andy you have done a smashing job of the forum.
  10. keith shoesmith

    Auction 436 - Pinguicula Seed

  11. keith shoesmith

    A visit to Sarracenia Nurseries

    Yes there still up and running they were at the CPS AGM. Got some lovely plants from them. Keith
  12. keith shoesmith


    Hello Folks Just a reminder that the C.P.S meeting and AGM is this Sunday. See you there Keith.
  13. keith shoesmith

    CPS (UK) or ICPS (World)

    Yes as Ada has suggested look at the website and do a few meeting. There are a few meeting in your neck of the woods with mike kings and Birmingham botanical gardens, both worth a visit. Keith
  14. keith shoesmith


    I also looked at this plant and thought how nice it was, seller has had a good day. Keith