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  1. There is no trace of red, or even pink. None. None on the flower-stalk, none on the traps. Not even the barest hint of pink that some of the other plants have taken on. At first I was hesitant to say, for sure, that it's anthocynine free, but it has not colored up, even under various lighting conditions. One flower has already closed up and appears to be producing seed after being selfed. We'll see if the seedlings take, but I know I do have at least two divisions from this mother-plant that show the same trait. I'll attempt to get a high-quality photo of it with my 35mm to show everyone.
  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully the tissue culture will work.
  3. EntwinedScylla

    Wacky traps

    Absolutely fascinating to look at. Strange and pretty flowers, though... as far as VFT flowers go. ;)
  4. I have a anthocyanin free Dentate, though that sawtooth is slightly more impressive. My dentate just began flowering, so here's hoping I can self and get some seedlings.
  5. Wait until it grows out a bit, and take another photo. Even my 22-year-old eyes are going "uhbuh!?"
  6. Gorgeous Williamsii, it's great to see a bit of American history preserved -somewhere-. All and all, amazing collection.
  7. Your Atlata photo looks exactly like my supposed "ventrata" Makes me wonder if it's got a wee bit more of one than the other. Gorgeous plants.
  8. Is that large Heli going to flower? Amazing.
  9. Not to mention that if you have certain typicals growing in extremely low light, they develop solid red trap enteriors with the "red line" and red margin. The petioles on these will also be red. I have a large adult plant and a lot of little babies that are just so. I believe someone calls these "carolina red"
  10. Jimothy, that is, indeed, a saintpaulia (or African Violet). It's a varigated blue/white double-flowering kind. I picked it up last fall in a 1 1/2" pot for $0.25 at a store. It sort of... exploded... then exploded again this spring. Yoss, the Nepenthe is a Ventrata, as far as I know. It's been doing really well on an east-facing windowsil, so as long as it's not pitchering into the kitchen sink I think I ought to leave it alone. ;) since the night-time temps are going to be in the 50's (f) it looks like some plants are going out!
  11. Right now they're being hardened off. Out in the warm days, in for the cold nights. When everything starts getting into the 50's at night the main bulk of the plants are going out for good. The nepenthe, and Darlingtonia will probably remain in the house... I think 110F Oklahoma summers might be a bit too much for them. It's a start, but... my collection is far from finished. ;)
  12. First was the "barrel bucket", it's about 16"/40cm in dia. First went a layer of coarse aquarium rock, then Canadian Sphagnum peat top-dressed with LFS. Then I realized I'd need another container. This one is 24"x18" (53x45cm). First went a layer of coarse aquarium rock, then Canadian Sphagnum peat top-dressed with LFS. It seems, though, that I over-estimated the amount of peat I'd be using.... greatly. Of my 3.8 cubic feet... I still have almost all of it. Unfortunately, I believe I -underestimated- the number of plants I had. Boy... is my face red. Oh well... I can always get another tray! As you can see, everyone is just very happy... especially my African Violet, who decided to explode with flowers this spring.
  13. This happens to be the Dentate I suspect of being a true all-green (KL-2, as my personal numbering-system goes). I guess I'll be in need of a couple more seed-starting containers... but at least I've got everyone else encouraging my grand experiment. If any of the other plants follow suit, I'll have way more seed than I can safely shake a stick at.
  14. First it was the Nepenthe pitchering up, then the sarracenia that I first got produced new, grownup, purpurea traps. Then the VFT seedlings began producing their first "big boy" traps. Now? One of the sad, dying, little rescues I first picked up when I was starting out has been vigorously growing since then. It's an all-green (as far as I can tell) dentate and has gone from a few small, limp, traps to roughly ten, and there were even two tiny plantlets hidden in there with it. Today I was checking over the new trap growth on my collection to discover: My dentate has decided to go to flower. There's a tiny little stalk that looks something like a miniature asparagus popping up... and as a proud grandma-to-be, I just couldn't be happier. My green thumb is feeling suprisingly smug about itself, and finally my flat-mates are as enthused about "all the (explitive deleted) plants" as I am. Now, here's a question to go with it. Will a dentate self pollenate to create dentates?