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  1. So, does anybody have a photo of 'the rudd' original. Images in books are subject to changes in contrast, hue and saturation even before being printed! Then the printing process itself! At least if someone had a 'real' photo we'd have something to compare. I too have bought a rudd from PJ off the back of the image in the book! :cry: Paul seems a nice man though. kind regards, Stu.
  2. Hi Mike, Book two more in. Myself and Gill enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. It was a great laugh so can't wait. Won't have a hangover this year (maybe!) Cheers. Stu and Gill.
  3. Thanks for your replies everyone. I've now moved the naughty Tal directly under the grow light. Unfortunately the tendrils aren't dropping right to the base of the plant so I've increased humidity around it! They can be frustrating little plants can't they. but I suppose thats half the fun! I'll post a few pictures if and when she decides to stop being a diva! thanks again. Stu.
  4. More frustrating than a problem :x I have a 10" tall Tal that just refuses to pitcher. Everything else in my tank pitchers like crazy! Humidity never drops below 75%. The plant is potted in pure sphag and is producing nice large deep green leaves. It was repotted a maybe two months ago. Is it a case of wait and see? (hope not, it took my Rajah 4 monhs to sort itself out!) Any help would be appreciated. :cry: cheers. Stu.
  5. Hi Joel, Your one lucky chap! I'll have to do some begging to my other half! And do keep us updated with some photos regards. Stu.
  6. Thanks Sheila Marek, how did you sort the mite problem? cheers. Stu.
  7. Hi Sheila, I've noticed mites cropping up quite a bit in threads at the mo. I thought neps would be safe living in high humidity and being sprayed alot. Is this something I should be looking out for? Cheers, Stu.
  8. hi Umpeixe, If you're new to neps this is the forum to be on! The truncata is in the lowland terrarium along with hirsuta, Bical and a few amps. The large nep in the third photo is N.petiolata. I have 'moulded' some chicken wire across the top of the highland terra and the ice packs just sit on this, inside the tank. The enitire setup take two minutes to sort at night. And is VERY cheap! Good luck with your neps! They're addictive! buenos noches!
  9. Thanks for all your comments Wasted: I'm glad the Sib is going strong. As for heating in the highland tank. Well it gets it heat soley from the lamp (envirolite 125w) and the ambient room temp. My 'partner' likes it warm so its no trouble to just dump the ice pack in at night to get a nice 10 degree temp drop. My highlands are looking alot better since I moved them into pure sphag and BIG temp drops. Cheers. Stu.
  10. Back again! Joel, this gives a quick look through the store. But as I said, give them a ring. The terra's are really well made. They're meant for REALLY big snakes! Cheers. Stu.
  11. Hi Joel, I got it from an exotic pets shop in manchester. If you want I'll find a phone number. They make their own terra's from scratch 'in-house' hence the savings. Not sure about delivery but if you gave them details of what you want they'd be able to price it up for you I'm sure. cheers. Stu.
  12. MrFlyTrap2: I bought the larger tank for about £80.00. Not bad as it is a large purpose made terrarium with vents in the lid. Steeevoe: Thanks for the idea I'll try it and let you know. cheers. Stu.
  13. Hi Joel, How have you incorporated the envirolites into your terra's. Mine just kind of sit on the top of my tank (see the 'new home for neps' thread.) Any chance of a piccie? regards. Stu. p.s. the amp I bought from you is really growing. I chopped it into two and it looks like the cutting has taken. Is it a plain green variety or do I need more light?
  14. Hurrah! Finally moved all my neps into my new home and theirs! When a hobby slowly becomes obsession. I've two terra's. One highland, one lowland. This means I have to heat one constantly and the other, every night I cool using eight freezer packs. Hey it works! and they only cost a couple of pounds! I've tried using pc fans in the terra's but find the humidity drops too much. Any ideas? (piccies below ) regards stu.
  15. You could try what Manders has said. the only thing I'd be a bit concerned about would be the sudden drop in humidity which may stress it. The plant I had problems with I repotted then sprayed with an anti fungal spray and very carefully watched the watering. Making sure not to water the leaves and keeping the plant JUST damp. It took about month to turn around. I hope you manage to sort it. Let us all know what you do and how it turns out. as its good info for us all for the future. Good luck, fingers crossed for you. regards Stu.