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  1. I had heard 6500k is best and wondered why the one linked was 8500k? I had not realised that the t5 produced more lumens. I will probably end up getting two sun blaster t5ho lamps for the same price as just the t8 bulbs then and hang them under the aquarium lid. Then monitor humidity to see it a wire mesh lid would be better to keep better airflow. Any experience of enclosed terrariums being too humid?
  2. I am trying to convert an old aquarium into a terrarium, it came with two tube fittings for G13 T8 24" fluorescent lights. I was wondering if anyone has used T8 growlux bulbs and can vouch for them or if I should create a new mount for t5 bulbs? The spectrum and t8 details found here: http://www.havells-s...roducts/0001523 The lights will be around 10" away from the top of the plants and on for around 14 hours a day. Mylar will surround the terrarium and reflect light down from the tubes. The plan was to grow some of the easier Heliamphora for now. Any advice is much appreciated.
  3. I saw that it was on amazon for £18 free shipping so I thought I would check the manufacturer out.
  4. What mix of peat and perlite did you use? 1:1?
  5. I emailed them like you suggested and got this reply: “Peat which we market as Irish Moss Peat Has no additives ,this is sphagnum moss and is naturally dried and then bagged for resale.”
  6. Has anyone used this brand if peat before with any success? I am thinking of using it in a bog garden along with “plant it!” perlite but I know that some brands of peat have been found to have adverse affects on carnivorous plants such as westlands. Any response is appreciated.
  7. Thanks. Is there any preventative measures I can take such that they do not return? Is there any dangers using the drench on a bog that can not be washed through with water?
  8. Yes, forgot to mention, they were pretty much all white/cream coloured with orangybrown heads, no discernible legs on them either though they were only 1cm long if that. I have some provado spray but as the plants no longer have any leaves, how would I best apply it? Is it best to use it the provado as a preventative measure? If so, when would be best to spray to protect my plants? Will Provado ultimate bug killer work the same? I noticed it had the same active ingredient but possibly not in the same concentrations.
  9. I have been inspecting my sarracenia in the bog garden and about 4 of them were looking worse for wear, on closer inspection, the single budding point on each of them had been eaten from bottom up... Upon removing them, a single grub per plant was found. I am wondering if there is anyway to kill these grubs using a soil drench or some other insecticide. Fortunatly the rhizome is still, for the most part, intact but this will set the plant back a year or two to return to its original size. Is it possible that not removing the dead leaves right down to the base could help protect them in the future so that there is a dead inedible barrier between the grub and the succulent fresh bud? These were all smaller plants with few remaining winter leaves compared to the larger ones that were not affected. Any advice is most welcome, thanks.
  10. Is that its normal growing spot or did you move it to take the photos? Does it normally live on a windowsill?
  11. You sure, its yours if you want it for your final bid seeing as you seen very eager to get it... Have you not set your computer back an hour?
  12. Andy, give it to Andy, he may be 1 minute out but he was certainly very committed to getting it and I hope the same will be said with how he cares for it.