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  1. Absolutely Beautiful! Fits well with your garden too! Do you get frosts!? If so, how cold?! Thanks
  2. Wow thank you very much! I didn't realise you could search that sort thing! I can't wait to go as I haven't really seen that many plants in the wild. I will take lots of pictures and see if I can upload them here when I'm back
  3. Ok, well in the above post I said places that are good for looking for CPs, if anyone has been before and not had success please tell me where you went then I won't get dissappointed :) PM or post I don't mind Thank you
  4. Hello! This year me and my family will be meating with another family for a little holiday near Skipton, Yorkshire: I see its near by the Yorkshire Dales which I don't know if thats a good thing or not for CPs! If anyone has been or knows of any areas of interest where there will be CPs or even other interesting plants could you give me a pointer of where to look! We will be doing alot of walking so I'll try and get my parents inerested in a walk nearby some CPs in habitat! I was last in Yorkshire when I was on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition and I spotted the occaisional plant on the sides of a hill we walked up, but I don't remember where it was
  5. Ok thanks, I will have to take a trip to the garden centre =D
  6. If you are thinking of buying a large quantity of materials consider internet buying! ( 2000L of materials + ) I practicaly at least halved the price of what it would of costed in the garden centre, especialy on sand and perlite. PM me if you would like to know about all the places where I asked for quotes
  7. Please view my Utric: Unfortunately it has had purple blotches on its leaves! Some are going yellow and dying. The parts where the plant is purple, it also has a fine dust-like material which brushes off quite readily! I understand that a defficiency can leave your leaves looking a strange colour! My plant does not get probably any insects for dinner nor do I feed it. It is based on an almost south facing window cil and it is about to open a flower! Even the flower spike has the purple colouration on and the dust like substance! Please can you help find out what is wrong with my plant Thankyou
  8. Haha lol. Some nice shots there. The snow keeps comming! It's almost doubled in height from this morning. Unfortunately we are due a power-outage tomorrow for essential maintenance from 9am-4pm thanks to E-on!!
  9. Not going to work because of the risk I won't get back, I decided to take some shots of the weather in my garden: What my bog currently looks like in the cold!: What my bog looked like after I made it last summer: Some close-ups: Here are some shots of the garden: In the one below you can see the frozen pond and bog on the right, and my CP bog on the left corner The CPs seemed to have survived so far, so I hope the snow doesn't finish any off!
  10. Still not working. If you solve the problem Heather, please let me know!
  11. Steeevoe


    Well done! Hope to see your collection soon!
  12. I can't see your pics They appear as the 'red-X-box' I have tried opening the URL to your pics as well, and it still doesn't show Any help!? just tried googling, and your site doesn't appear to me at all :S
  13. Ok, thankyou for the pointers. Bodmin moor would be a gret place as it can't be too far away from where we are staying! I have PM'd Derek Clavell-Bate so I hope I can visit his collection too! I'll make sure I don't forget my camera!
  14. I will be going to Bodmin in Cornwall with my parents this year, so one of the attractions we will be visiting will be The Eden Project. Apart from that I hope to see some CPs living around the area. Last year after I went to somewhere in Devon, I didn't really get a chance to go looking for them, as my boring sister wanted to do other things, so I only got search for half an hour out of an entire weeks holiday. I hope I can have at least an hour looking around this year! Please can you point me in the right direction for searching for CPs in my area, feel free to PM me details
  15. Maybe I should of not of just chucked mine away!