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  1. Hello CP friends on CPUK, We are happy to present here the new CP calendar 2010 by the G.F.P. (the German CPS). Curious? Here is a short look at the front cover: As you can see the calendar is has a landscape format this year. Everything else is as usual - high gloss printing, nice pictures (thanks again to the photographers for your wonderful entries ) and again bilingual (English/German). The size is 460mm x 345mm, it has a spiral binding, a strong back board and a transparent protection cover. There are 13 sheets that show plants in habitat as well as in cultivation, out of the
  2. Hey guys, Thanks for your answers and the compliments :-) To your questions: @jimscott: humm, I never sent gemmae to Tamlin Dawnstar. But sellers of gemmae are numerous ;-) @Stevie D: in only a very few cases I've had problems with moss. I removed it with a tweezer. So it's not the nicest work one could imagine, but I don't see a good other way. This year I don't have moss-problems at all. It depends on the soil and the surface. My soil mix is: 8:4:2:1 parts of sand:peat:vermiculite:perlite. It's the best mix I ever had and works nearly perfect for me. Kind regards, Matthias
  3. Hey guys, :-D Today I've sorted my pygmy drosera pictures and want to show you some of them The plants stand at the balcony in the full sun since one month and the coloration is getting better and better. In contrast to last year where they have been at the southfaced windowsill, this year the plants are more compact because of the sun. I like it Regards, Matthias --- D. androsacea with prey :-) D. barbigera: D. barbigera: D. callistos 'Brookton': D. dichrosepala: D. enodes: D. ericksoniae: D. grievei: D. lasiantha: D. mannii: D. parvula: D. pycnoblast
  4. Hey guys, These days I took a little time to shoot some photos. My roridula is getting a flower at the moment - hopefully I can be there when it opens! I want to share the images with you, if I have time in the next days you'll get some photos of my bog bucket and my pygmies too... Cheers Matthias ---
  5. Wow, nice and somewhat big collection - I'm impressed! Thanks for the photos :) Cheers, Matthias
  6. I have the same "tentacles" on many of my eneabba flowers. But not on all! Sometimes they have tentacles and sometimes not... I'm wondering what this could be good for... Nice photos indeed. Regards, Matthias
  7. My experiences are similar. When I repotted Cephalotus last year without much surrounding substat, it lost many pitchers and didn't grow for a few month. Then it started again, but very slow. So Cephalotus is very sensible to root disturbances. I believe that if you could repot it with all of its current substrat, it will be no problem. Kind regards, Matthias
  8. Absolutely extraordinary nice pictures! I don't love Nepenthes very much, but your shots are great. Hm, I've searched but can't find any Nepenthes on the "N. campanulata" image - is this a search game? ^^ Cheers, Matthias
  9. Great pictures and plants, Dieter! I love them
  10. Really nice pygmy pics - a feast for my heart and my eyes! The stipula of the D. allantostigma looks great - I'm sure it can be described by a wonderful mathematic formula, but I stray from the subject ^^°. Cheers, Matthias
  11. Those flowers are great! Thanks for the pics, they are an enrichment for the forum. Regards, Matthias
  12. Hi Daniel, You're using T8? Wow - I'm impressed! Seeing your plants I could swear that you have T5. Stunning plants, that disproves my opinion that T8 are no good lighting. Regards, Matthias
  13. What about T5 tubes? I use them and they are making my pygmy drosera happy :-) Power saving is no question on fluorescent tubes I think! Kind regards, Matthias