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  1. Had a look for gemmae today and found just 2! Doesnt seem like a very good crop to me. Had a very close look under the mag glass but thats my lot apparently. What would each head normally produce? Only one head had come up with these 2.

    On the plus side the old flower heads I removed were full of seeds, hopefully viable. Any tips or are they easy to germinate?

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  2. Im slightly worried having read that the pygmy drosera's don't react well to being moved. Is it not possible to transfer growing plants easily?

    I had hoped to send some, once grown on from gemmae, in the post to a friend. Is this not possible once they have started growing in the pot?

    Also what sort of lifespan do you get from these plants bearing in mind they seed well and produce gemmae? I had assumed that such reproduction was a response to a short lifespan. Am I wrong?

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  3. Im fairly new to CP in particular the pygmy Drosera. I have just got hold of gemmae of 4 different pygmy drosera in which one was a ericksoniae pulchella cross. I already have a specimen of D. ericksoniae bought in august from Hewitt-Cooper plants but it does not appear to have produced any gemmae. Should it be producing them? Should I have inflicted a dryer period on it to stimulate this? any advice would be welcomed.

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