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  1. Yes an interesting insight into how the feature has evolved. It would be nice to know a bit more about this. Thanks for the link.
  2. There's nothing in the Bibliography that is directly relevant to our area Stu but it is a substantial list so ill see if I can source any info. The U minor reference appears to be near Deal on the Map and I found references to U vulgaris at Sholden so perhaps it is there? Ill Pm you in regards to visting some of the locations. :)
  3. Thanks Dennis, id be very interested in coming to a trip like that as it would make it much easier to find these plants in habitat! Ill keep an eye on the site.
  4. Thanks Dennis, id be very interested in coming to a trip like that as it would make it much easier to find these plants in habitat! Ill keep an eye on the site.
  5. Hi all, I added some more of the redfern books to my collection over Christmas including the fantastic Pinguicula of latin America but I have become equally fascinated with the field guide to CP's in the UK. Being in the furthest reaches of Kent I assumed that there would be nothing around me at all but the distribution maps suggest that I have at least 3 aquatic Utric species right on my doorstep (U australis, vulgaris and minor). Furthermore all 3 Drosera species seem to occur around the Kent East Sussex border as does Pinguicula vulgaris. So far I have not photographed any CP's in the wild and was planning on visiting the well know New Forest sites to see them in habitat but I would be far more excited to see native plants growing in my neck of the woods. I wondered if anybody on here had any information on specific locations I could visit to see the plants? Please be assured that I simply want to see and photograph the plants not collect them as I have all these plants in my collection but would love to see them where they are supposed to be. Feel free to PM me if people want to keep information private. If nobody has any info then I hope to be able to work it out logically and see if I can find them! Thanks Rich
  6. Blimey that is cold. Had fallen to 5.8 overnight in the greenhouses in my corner of Kent. Better start insulating and getting the heaters installed I think!
  7. Haha, yes it is. We certainly add encouragement to each other!
  8. Never had much luck keeping them alongside my Sarras over the winter sadly, They do much better for me indoors as a terrarium/ indoor plant alongside other bromeliads. Not flowered one as yet though.
  9. Hi Dave, I'm in Ramsgate too, just round the corner from Stu, and ive been into CP's for a long time now. There aren't and SE meets that I'm aware of but it would be good to meet people, swap plants etc etc. :)
  10. All my windowsill grown neps have saucers/ containers under them and I water from above until I see it run through into the saucer. I wait until that has dried up and the sphagnum feels drier before the next watering. They don't really stand in water as such but I have to catch the water in something or my other half would be livid! My lowland neps in my terrarium I just let drain through as there is a water layer at the base of it so no harm there. I know people have mixed results with windowsill grown highlands but I do ok for them (although have run out of space). Heres my N boschiana as an example.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, that does help a lot. At least I now know I have a N robcantleyi in my collection so that's one less to chase! Thankfully I have a pure truncata and numerous truncata crosses to keep the truncata side covered.
  12. Hi all, Whilst searching this evening for a reasonably priced example of N robcantleyi to add to my collection I came across some information that suggests I may already be growing the species?! I bought an example of N truncata 'queen of hearts' directly from Borneo exotics from their stand at the Chelsea Flower show in 2011. Having seen their fantastic display plant of this species I enquired how I could obtain an example and I was offered a very small plant for £20. I bought that plant despite worrying that it was so tiny I would kill it! 5 years on and this is the same plant windowsill grown; What I seem to have found this evening is that this N truncata was reclassified as N robcantleyi later that year having been assumed to be a truncata up until then and is now regarded as N robcantleyi 'Queen of Hearts'. Have I got this correct or are these not the same plant? The pitchers on my plant certainly seem to be going the right way for robcantleyi. Cheers Rich
  13. Great pics Stu, Lovely to see them growing in habitat like that and a nice healthy population of both species present. Rich
  14. It doesn't look unhealthy, I can see a pitcher forming on one of the upper leaves. Ventricosa is normally an easy plant to grow but in low light it will stop producing pitchers. The basal's look like they are showing immature pitchers as well. If you are not happy with the vine then you can cut it back and let the basal's take over. You should have a good crop of pitchers then.
  15. This is a great idea! I will try something similar for my alpines and dwarf Hosta's as they are ruthless with them!!