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  1. N tentaculata are found in intermediate region to highland. Ask your seller where they originate from, and google search will provide you the info of the natural habitat.
  2. Robert

    Disinfect Byblis seeds

    for Byblis guehoi 10% bleach worked for me. Take note when the outer seed coat turn whitish and it was done, don't overdo it.
  3. beautiful and very artistic presentation for villosa.
  4. i love the ant plants.what are they and origin?
  5. Robert

    highland veitchii

    Gareth, night temp between 14C - 18C and humidity above 80% were ideal. In Kelabit H/L, as in most part of Borneo sometimes it doesn't rain for weeks, the late evening to dawn high humidity of 99% in kelabit H/L benefits all plant. It's always very misty in the morning and onsite observation shows veitchii pitchers and leaves are all wet by water condensation. pitchers will still be produced in private cultivation according to growers environment. on a hot, dry warm day Lowland night temp temp was about 30C and humidity 65%. which is not ideal for all H/L plant. leaves wilted and pitchers produced to size about 4"- 6".
  6. Robert

    highland veitchii

    hi manders, this pinkish form i came across in the wild beat others slightly. This one was a very matured pitcher. perhaps others have seen a bigger one than this.
  7. Robert

    highland veitchii

    manders,I can see many red striped on the peristome appearing on the first. Look very promising. For mine the colour look very faded. As for the wistube form i've seen the same from kelabit highland, the size were awesome. Amongst the different form it has the largest pitcher. Gareth, it must be one of the factors that affect the growth. Many grower here have tried growing in lowland condition but unsuccessful. The pitcher stunted and short, leaves become longish and narrow. They only grow well added by air condition and fine water misting sysytem.
  8. This was grown in lowland condition. I was able to grow to this size as the surrounding was dense forest with cool and high humidity all day. Night temp was about 27⁰C with humidity around 80%, and day approx 30⁰C day humidity 65%. It was grown on pure forest moss which can be found to grow on forest floors,dead woods and living trees. Anyone growing this form, feel free to post here.
  9. thank you for looking. yes, we must preserve and protect them.
  10. There are many veitchii growing in the undisturbed forest belonging to one of the local residents. some were growing on either side of the path leading to the house. Another i came across that look like climbing. Observing closely infact it was leaning against the tree and growing against it. with the tree as support its stem was able to encircle and clasped, continue to grow upwards. At the moment the tip was 1.6metre from the ground. some visitors commented because of the absent of many large trees where veitchii crawls on the ground instead. some ground pitchers.
  11. Thank you for the reply, Vince. I will observe closely next time when i have the chance.
  12. Been wondering what the ant is doing...making a short and erratic knock on the pitcher? #maximise the volume to hear clearly.
  13. That was a very nice greenhouse setup, still has space around.
  14. Robert


    I have read the news from Sabah and they have also successful cultivating it. But of course the successful rate was very high with the local conditions. It was done not in the lab.