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  1. Hi, super plant, the pink peristome is just amazing! :)
  2. Nice argentii for sure! Do you have found another flowering one?
  3. Edit: the official plant-name is now Nepenthes flava!;page=1#82154
  4. The plant, Joel posted is N. spec. nova Sumatra Wistuba has discovered. You can see the plant on his website...
  5. Hi Andy, I envy you ! Your argentii is so nice...and the villosa.... Cheers, Moritz
  6. Moritz


    Hi, I would also like to try spec. doorman's top #1. I hope to do that in autumn when my greenhouse will be finished, then I will have more space. I would love to see pics of older plants, I only know the pics from the homepage of Wistuba, are there any more? Regards, Moritz
  7. 20° is still too hot. Like I said, I would try it with intermediat plants, argentii isn't one...
  8. Nice plants Phil! That spectabilis x talangensis reminds me a bit on a young schould have fantasy to see that! :mrgreen:
  9. Hi, It will anyway make troubles. You can't compare TC-Plants that are growing in a terrarium with plants out of habitat. I tested some of mine with warmer temperatures and they all didn't want to grow till I replaced them into the cool area. I rather would try it with spec nov. Sumatra, could grow well in temperatures like that! Cheers
  10. Hi, First of all, Nepenthes argentii is the best! ;) I grow all of mine in dead NZ-Sphag and Perlite. The surface is living Sphagnum. I noticed that the plants need much direkt light (like in habitat) and a fresh air temptation. I placed my group of plants in front of my fan. They like it very much and grow very well. Last of all they want cool nights. All year round at best not over 15° at night.
  11. hi, sorry for the late answer. I will try to make some pics of the whole plants soon. @Lukas The dubia is from your BE import last autumn/winter. It grow very well for me. :)
  12. Hi, Nepenthes ephippiata Nepenthes dubia...begins to climg! Nepenthes spec nov. Sumatra Nepenthes ventricosa x trusmadiensis Cheers, Moritz