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  1. Christian is a really nice guy and his plants are hardened and solid! everytime again!!
  2. really nice flower and plant!!! :-) congrats!!!
  3. Absolutly Amazing pictures!!! i am stunning! Really i love these Habitat-photos :-) greetings Marc
  4. Hello Marc, great looking plants!!-compliment! regards Marc
  5. Good evening, for me it looks like an orchid ;-) regards Marc
  6. nice collection!!! keep on going like this ;-) greetings Marc
  7. hello, i have this setup in my room situated betwwen other 20 terraria and aqauaria. it is really spectacular in the room. i love it ;-) Ps: thanks for your comments. i will take some more pics in the comming future.. regards Marc
  8. Hi, here are some pics from my big setup. regards ;-) Marc
  9. Hi, @ avery: no there are also jamban, inermis, flava, rajah, and some jacquelinae and tenuis of course. Some Helis are in the right sight. maybe i will do some pics of them all in the comming future. @Nadja: the lowii is 7 years old. i have it for 4 years. regards Marc
  10. Good evening, here is the the picture of the complete lowwi and everything around it ;-) @ Thomas: Of course, your ecverytime very welcome! Thanks for all the compliments it is really a beauty in my setup!! regards Marc
  11. Hello, just made a pic of my first Nepenthes lowii upper pitcher. and here with a 20 cent coin. enjoy;-) Greetings Marc
  12. Hello, thanks for your congratulations and your comments!! the plant grows mainly under water but sometimes the waterlevel in my tanks drops down.after a few days a make a part water change to give all my Genlisea new fresh water. this is the time to refill the tank and to flood the Genlisea. regards marc ps: I will do some pics of the plant soon.
  13. Hello, here are two pics of my fresh opened guianensis flower. i hope you like them like me.. greetings from Germany Marc
  14. Wow Thomas, well done!!- it looks great!! really a nice view for my eyes. greetings from the more southern part of germany ;-)
  15. Hello, and thanks for the comments To your Questions: @ daniel O. : The He. spec Amuri is a newly undescribed species. Andreas wistuba had it for only one or two days in his shop. But he told me he wouldn't put it in his shop at this time so he took it out again. But i already ordered one at this time..;-) It is a very small species it gets adult with only 3 cm high juvenil pitchers.. and my highest pitcher is just about 5 cm high.-very unique!! @ Vincent L. : Yes the spots semmed to be characteristique for this species. but you can find them sometimes on other heliamphora, too. @ laurent : My tatei has about 26 cm high pitchers. and the stem is about 8 cm+ high and about 1,5 cm strong. the stem is at the top splited so it has 2 growing points at the moment.... the stem takes so longt time to become higher... but i have time i am just 18 years old ;-) nice rest week-end. regards Marc
  16. Ne. vogelli Ne.lowii Ne. jacquelinae He. tatei Ne. rajah and her partner Dr. schizandra i hope you like it. regards Marc
  17. view right view left My big terra front and my small fishtank Ne. platychilla Stemm Ut. quelchii Ne. pervillei Ne. clipeata
  18. Hello and happy new year to all!!! After long time i decided to post some new pics of my plants and terras. enjoy front view Heliamphora: exappendiculata Amuri spec. Amuri hispida pulchella Chimanta folliculata neblinae red clone sarracenioides ionasii neblinae "waxxy"
  19. Hello, @ laurent: i got both of them as rooted cuttings. So then time after time the grow nice in the high. Now is the inermis so near at the light that the temperature gets to hot. maybe it will grow another shot of her to save the plant. @ Alex. In summer i have at day mor or less 30 degree in my terr and at night maybe 18 degrees. In winter i have about 23 degrees at day and about 14-16 degrees in night. regards Marc
  20. Hello all, so Thanks for the feedbacks. 8) My He. tatei has a ca. 8 cm high stem which is also in the pot and the Sphagnum. It is about 1,5 cm tall. The complet plant is about 40 cm high. @ Phil: I do not know from who the minor Giant comes from. The only thing i know is that the plant is at one person in cultivation with over 20 cm high pitchers regards Marc
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