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  1. Jonny O


    They look great, something otherworldly about them. Elliot will love some. Regards Jon
  2. Jonny O


    @pirks Hi, that's a very good question. I think we stumbled on a video on YouTube of a Venus flytrap tap but my son's favourites are the sundews. He's really into nature and science and when he gets interested in something he goes all in. We live near a park that has native rotundifolia but not found any yet. Thanks for the welcome everyone Regards Jon
  3. Jonny O


    @Paul O'Keeffe Thank you for the offer. I am happy to be growing a range of plants. I've managed to get some drosera capensis seeds but some scorpiodes would be great. I'll DM you with the details. Very happy to pay for postage too. I'm so glad I've found this forum full of welcoming generous souls. Regards Jon
  4. Jonny O


    Hi Dennis that sounds great. I'll send you a PM. Cheers Jon
  5. Jonny O


    Hi Magnus thanks for your reply. We're both excited to start growing some plants next year. We've heard or local park has native sundews there but didn't see any when we looked in November. The seeds we ordered were from the CPS website, we got the 4 free packets and an extra 2. The money has been taken but not heard anything from CPS at all. Nobody is responding to the contact us form and the treasurer email address is bouncing back my email. I'm glad that this forum is active, this is where the good stuff happens Cheers Jon
  6. Jonny O


    Hi I've recently joined on behalf of my 5 year old son, Elliot. He's obsessed with carnivorous plants and is taking me along for the ride. I've joined the society and ordered some seeds but have had no confirmation on either of these. Is this normal? There's not been any activity on the website for a long time. I'm in two minds as to wait it out for a bit longer or to recall my money. I've not had any confirmation that the membership process has started our anything. Has anybody else had a similar experience? I'm hopeful that this forum and the society as a whole is a vibrant, supportive community. I've not grown anything like these plants before, and will need some top tips! Regards Jon
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