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  1. I am looking for a mature Sarracenia Alata Black tube from Desoto, do you have one for sale, I live in England

  2. Hi Dimitar , I have seen your post here with my pics and think there is something that should be said about your post: 1. The so called true Giant ( from Klaus Keller) is as far as I know coming from Harald Weiner ( not Weinert ) who was the first in Germany who did grow and sell this clone, he told me that this clone is coming from a Botanical Garden in Sidney he did think that it is possibly a triploid clone. This was in the 80s .This clone can easily be seperated from others by its ultraslow growth and its extremely big traps.but needs a long time to show these. 2. On my post
  3. Ada: It is not completly true . I have bought a big part of Stefan's collection plants and a part of his sarracenia seedlings last year, but not the complete collection .I could not take all the plants I would like, because I did not have the place to grow them in good condition ( but who has ) There have been many 1000 plants in Stefans greenhouses. Stefans beautyful and very well grown collection is not longer existing. It's a pity, as we always did work together and have had more or less the same stock. I will keep and grow all this plants, including many new selected clone which hav
  4. You are invited to Carnivorsandmore Nursery !!! After a few years without any event , we have planed to organize a open day again . It wil be at Saturday 21 .9.13 in Merzig, Germany . This is located between Saarbrücken, Luxemburg and Metz . We would like to have a nice day here with Cp friends and all other interested people . We will not offer plants for sale, if you are interested to buy something please preorder . There will not be the time to prepare plants at this date . If you want to offer plants, you can do. We will have some space for you .(please inform us ) For all of you
  5. Willy: Against spidermites You should use a Acarizid like Kiron or Vertimec, and insecticide does not really work because the mites are no insects . I think Dimethoat should work too . Chris
  6. inoxy : I love this plant too, it is one of my favorites. BTW, for me it seems that this particular plant is infected by red spider mites, so be careful and keep an eye on it . Chris
  7. Karl :Tellereisen and Monkey Ass is the same Monkey Ass is my clone 8, but I think you got clone 7 so it is not the same . My favorite is Biohazard, what do you think, as You got it now ? D- Muscipula : First we wanted to name this Clone Tellereisen (what is the German word for Bear trap , but there is a other clone with this name going around, so it was not a good idea .Monkey ass was my wife's idea .Do not know why.... Chris
  8. Nice and huge plants those you sent to DAEPC,SPAIN.

    Thanks a lot



  9. Nice and huge plants those you sent to DAEPC,SPAIN.

    Thanks a lot



  10. Hi I do have a good number of these plants in my collection ,and have never seen any red color in them . They are just coming with flowers here ,so I will look a bit closer this year . Chris
  11. I have male 2 flowers of my N tenuis plant coming next days . I do not believe that there is a female tenuis in flower at this time ,but there is some hope left to find one here . I would like to create some nice, small growing hybrids if there is no chance to get the real thing . Best with something that grows at the same location as N. tenuis (like adnata or eustachia ) If you are interested to get pollen please ask me . (Please do not offer any hybrid partners )
  12. Hi all I have seen that Alexanders photos of my collection have brought some confusion onto the forum . I was not registred on this forum ,because my collection does not leave me the time to write a lot (as You can see on the photos ;-) ) Here is a list of names to the Photos : 1 Overview mexican pings 2 Dr.graomogolensis (I am pretty shure with it ) 3 N.mikei G.Bandahara BE 4 Cold house 5 Cold house 6 Warm house 7 Warm house 8 Dr. yutajensis 9 N.amp.Tayeve 10 N.amp Speckled 11 N.thorellii orginally from H.Weiner 12 N.sumatrana 13 N.truncata 14 +15 N.eustachia 16