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  1. Hi, I notice that the CPS website meetings page has this down as being from Noon to 5pm. Can someone just confirm whether the correct start time is Noon or 1pm (I think it is usually 1pm, but just want to check)? Cheers, Andy.
  2. Haha! Yes - either attached to my face or held above my head in an attempt to get a better impression of the scale of things! Maybe I should've taken a stepladder...! Hi snowwy - Yes, the variation in colours was quite interesting, and it would probably take a long time to go through the entire collection to pick out suitable new parent material, but I suspect that Frank has his eye on a number of plants! Cheers, Andy.
  3. As one of those there "with cameras", here are a few photos (and I do only mean a few, since I managed to take over 300 without really noticing...!) I could probably have taken another 300 and still missed loads! I have a few views of the overall set-up to try and give an impression of the size of the place, along with some of the individual plants that caught my eye as I wandered about. It is quite difficult, however, to give a good idea of the sheer scale of things there, but hopefully these will help...! Cheers, Andy.
  4. Hi folks, Just a quick post with a few photos from the UK CPS AGM at Reading last Saturday for those of you that didn't make it to the greenhouse. Andy.
  5. Hi Danny, Yes - it's the first time that it has flowered. I bought it at the UK CPS AGM in 2006 from Sarracenia Nurseries: you'd have to ask them about the exact medium, as it's been in the same pot since I bought it, although it is mainly peat-based. I moved it from a longer tray containing a few other Utrics to its own tray to make photographing the flowers easier, and there were quite a lot of traps underneath the pot. I haven't disturbed the soil to see how pot-bound it might be though. It took getting on for 2 months or more for the stalk to emerge and eventually produce flowers, but I doubt it will be able to compete with Mr d'Amato's! The plant has always sat in water (max. depth in the tray is around 1cm to 1.5cm, I would say). I never really checked on its "preferred" conditions, so just assumed that it needed to be in water to trap prey! Probably just as well it doesn't seem to mind, or it'd likely be dead by now! Cheers, Andy.
  6. Thanks, Yes, the flowers are quite showy, aren't they? Pity that they're fading fast now though... Andy.
  7. Hi, It's been a while since I last posted anything, but I've eventually got around to sorting out a few photos to upload... The flower stalk started to appear at the beginning of August, which surprised me a bit as it seems a little late in the season, and I have read that it can be difficult to get to flower. Anyway, I don't give it any special treatment - it just sits in about 1cm of water year round in my frost-free greenhouse, but I guess it must be reasonably happy with the conditions, since it has produced this display. It has taken a couple of months to get to this stage, and the first flower is now fading. Andy.
  8. Interesting... I took this the other week: It is also a D. eneabba B flower. I've also just seen another similar photo in a recent message - maybe they are evolving... Andy.
  9. At the risk of going slightly further off-topic...Does anyone know how long these spiders have been around in the UK (the Wikipedia entry states that they originate in the tropics)? They appear to be the predominant type of spider in our house, but have only appeared over the last few years, as far as I can recall. Cheers, Andy.
  10. If it germinates OK, then much of it may well be heading your way for the seedbank... Perhaps it will be better to wait until early Spring to try it time for Chelsea, since it's basically common species. (sorry I haven't sent any seed in from this year yet - just been really busy at work recently...). Andy.
  11. Hi Jure, Has the weather been confusing plants in Slovenia this year, or have you noticed this late flowering before? Where did you take the photo? Andy.
  12. Hi, I've unearthed some old seed in the fridge recently (various Drosera/Pinguicula species dating back as far as 2001), and was wondering if it was worth seeing if any will grow after all this time. My dilemma is whether to sow it now, or leave it until next spring, when anything that does come up will have a bit more time to grow before winter. Any suggestions? Andy.
  13. AndyP


    Hi Heather,Unfortunately I didn't make any notes of the names, although 1 or 2 are the same as those named by John. Maybe we should have a competition to see who can name the most... If I get there next year I will make more of an effort to record what I am actually photographing Andy.
  14. Hi, I acquired a D. tubaestylis tuber at the CPS AGM in April & put it in a drawer. A month or so ago I added a drop of water to the little bit of sphagnum I had put in with it (as this seemed to have dried out), but now it appears to have started growing: I presume I have confused it by suddenly increasing the humidity, but I'm not sure what to do with it now :? Should I pot it up & let it start growing normally, even though it will effectively be growing at the wrong time of year (for where it is currently living), or can I leave it as it is in the drawer for the next few months & plant it at the 'proper' time for the northern hemisphere? Cheers, Andy.
  15. AndyP

    Kew asked for it... Unfortunately I was too intent on taking photos to actually make any notes of what I was photographing, so I'll leave it to the experts to fight over the identification of these plants... Andy.