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  1. it's U. quelchii, wei tepui. My growing conditions are very simple, windowsill, full sun from 9am to 14pm, temperature ranging from 15 C - 20 C winter, 25C - 30C summer. .
  2. This week, U. quelchii open up a flower. .
  3. Number 2 of "Flora Carnívora" the The Portuguese Carnivorous Plants Association newsletter. This must be the only regular publication in portuguese language on the subject of carnivorous plants. .
  4. Hi, best way of doing that in ask for help from Portuguese Carnivorous Plants Association, I'm a member and if you like we can go with you and visit some Drosophyllum. .
  5. The Portuguese Carnivorous Plants Association was created , please visite our website at: www.appcarnivoras.org Can and join us note: we are looking for advertisers for our journal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Foi criada a Associação Portuguesa de Plantas Carnívoras visite o site em: www.appcarnivoras.org Venha juntar-se a nós, a APPC precisa de si. nota: procuram-se também anunciantes para a revista da APPC. .
  6. yes that's true, this time of year is not the best time to see them. no, it's just a dry stem of the vegetation around. .
  7. next weekend I will go again for some more Km and fotos, to find some drosophyllum that I could not find last weekend, maybe I get lucky and find some more P. lusitanica. .
  8. Not many this time of year but worth having to walk 6 Km to get this picture .
  9. but even in this dry soil the plants have mucilage and many insects trapped in their leaves. .
  10. I agree with you, that's why I have many plants of this unidentified specie because I don't want to sell or trade. This plant was bought many years ago in a online carnivorous plants shop as D. aliciae, it was small, but when it became bigger it was obvious that that identification was wrong. By now I always cut the flower stalk, but I left one so I can take the foto, I hoped that the flower piture would help. I post here this question to see if anyone could give have a correct identification, but with this kind of doubt I think I have a nice plant but it will stay without a label... .
  11. this location as the normal rain for Portugal but the soil is very sandy. I took de fotos in the end of the summer. .
  12. This is me, last time I used my time machine .