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  1. Here are the ones I love most among the carnivorous plants, sundew rotundifolia. A few years ago, when I started, I was looking for seeds of various plants, and a gentleman gave me these seeds; he had inadvertently mixed two different locations (from the Trentino region, Italian Alps) and told me that even if from the point of view of conservation they were not worth nothing more, they still remained valid for a neophyte ... So here are my sundew rotundifolia "Trentino" Just for pleasure, two flowers of drosera capensis typical
  2. Hello everyone, this summer I visited this fantastic place in the Italian Alps, you walk a lot but when you arrive it's a real paradise ... The stream that cuts through the valley comes directly from the glacier, and creates these swamps, full of sphagnum, I have looked carefully for sundew but have not seen any... However, there were a lot of pinguicula at the edge of the creek too ...
  3. Utricularia livida & dichotoma Utricularia dichotoma
  4. Hi everyone, I have to share some photos of my utricularia... U. Subulata U. Livida
  5. Hi everyone, I'm Matteo from northern Italy, I have been growing some carnivorous plants for several years but I consider myself a beginner. I really like temperate plants, especially sundew and utricularia. (and recently also native pinguicula) Currently I grow: Sarracenia x moorei. Sarracenia sp leucophyla Drosera Rotundifolia "Trentino" Drosera Capensis typical Dionea m. typical Utricularia Livida Utricularia Dichotoma Utricularia Subulata Utricularia Gramnifolia Pinguicula sp "Adamello" (I don't know if vulgaris or other species, I haven't seen it in bloom yet) Ps years ago, When I received the first sarracenia I was absolutely a beginner, so the name tags got lost and the names I remembered partially ...