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  1. I also find inside a house can be a bit too low humidity for these big sundews, especially with the recent weather.
  2. I have a number growing in my pond margins for many years without problems. Did have fish until the herons finished them off but still full with frogs! Plus I have to top up with hard tap water in the hot weather (it'd be a waste of the collected rain water). Give it a go, you might be surprised.
  3. What type do you mean? I have the aluminium tape woven into plastic mesh type (50% but you can also get 40 and 70 I think) over our conservatory to keep summer temps down. Its effectively like lots of small horizontal blinds. Is this what you mean or something else?
  4. Not an issue as long as there's water in the trays. My greenhouses go just over 40 briefly/occasionally and the plants love it!
  5. Dunc

    Ben’s mum

    Mine can get flooded over winter with no sign of rot ever outside. I am in sunny Hampshire so may not be a fair comparison. However, my mother has sarracenia I've given her sat permanently in her pond North of Bolton so you should have no problem in Wigan
  6. Dunc

    Ben’s mum

    You would be much better leaving Ben Mk2 somewhere sheltered outside over winter. You'll be surprised how hardy most sarracenia are. Too soft on the boy, that's why he turned rotten....
  7. Dunc

    Deep VFTs

    Pot up, grow on or pass on ;-)
  8. About par for this time of year! One of my greenhouses hits 97% overnight as the temperature drops. This drops to 60 to 70% during the day. Vent as much as you can and don't keep them too wet. Most of my trays are still not filled with water yet.
  9. Dunc

    Rosen Tantau

    Anyone know of any uk nurseries that order from Rosen Tantau in Germany? Would like to get a couple of plants, saw one at Wisley in flower last summer, but postage for a small order is very high. The plant cost, bare rooted, is fine. Thanks for any help/pointers.
  10. Those are very nice heaters but also very overpriced. I have a 2nd hand propane version in my 2nd greenhouse at the bottom of the garden. Look at something like https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01DW9ESL2/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_-u7fEbEFQ86H2 These are sold under a number of names but are simply and work in damp greenhouses (some of the smaller semi domestic units are not fit for use in such environments for more than a year or two). You can never have too much power either as long as it's on a thermostat! You do need to think what you want to grow and what minimum to aim for. I used to heat to 5 to 10 min but mould is a menace. For the last decade I just aim to keep my 1st greenhouse frost free and my big fan heater is only for severe weather and back up. I use a thermostat tube heater 99% of the time. O or even a few degrees below for a short time seems to do minimal damage with the advantage of no more grey mould. However, so far, this winter is a real pain as it's staying so warm and humid. All you can do is ventilate when you can.
  11. Mine arrived yesterday Article on nepenthes pitcher type was fascinating. No wonder they don't catch much in cultivation! I'll send back the gift aid form at the weekend.
  12. Hopefully there'll be plenty for anyone who wants it in a few years. But there again it'll no longer be 'rare' and so probably no longer on so many wish lists!! PS I picked one of this listing, smallest size to keep in my max I'll pay budget, and look forward to seeing what the fuss was about, or not.
  13. Great to see what they look like - thanks. Especially like the last photo of the one in the middle of the track! What's the soil like there? Looks very sandstone with quite a bit of cover.
  14. Hi, might become partially unimportant for UK next year once we're out of the EU. However, as of now if you read through inc the appendices (especially VIII and IX) you'll see this is targeted at specific plants and pathogens. Only had a quick scroll on my phone but didn't notice any CPs. What they are targeting is the right thing to do and long overdue!
  15. Hello & welcome from a fellow Hampshireite (NE). Put up my 2nd greenhouse earlier this year. Remember there's no such thing as just one or two sarracenia....
  16. Yours look good so I would not worry. Depends on the clone and conditions how red they get and it can vary year to year. This year has not been the most consistently hot and sunny!
  17. I bought one of these couple of years ago: Compact 4 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter including DI Resin stage for Aquatics https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00V28UWQQ/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apap_H1HgVMKF5uv1w Takes my 300+ ppm north Hants water down to sub 5 ppm (sometimes sub 1!). I hook it up to an outside tap to use and it can take a few days to fill a water butt. Low pressure means slower and more waste water but that's all. I added a couple of taps so I can keep the ro always wet (if they dry they die) and pressure gauge. Still on the same to cartridge and am on my 3rd bag of resin. Always flush when I use. You can pay more for better throughput and/or a pumped system but as a basic system this is fine. Don't really need the resin final stage either. Hope this helps. Took me a bit of reading to work out what to buy!
  18. Dunc


    Thanks, helps me start to narrow it down. Seems like there is a few very similar and only in flowering can you be sure of the exact ID.
  19. Dunc


    Hi , can anyone ID this fierce looking monster? There where a couple in Gib botanical gardens but no labels. Never seen one with spines down the back of the 'leaves' as well as the edges before!
  20. There's alot of flies around this year and they're just doing as nature intended. Plants will start to look a bit worse for it earlier this year I guess but they'll be well fed!
  21. I can't see the top left pot but in all the rest it looks like you've a few plants. Understand your feelings, have a number of those t-shirts with CPs, but you've got 'stock' and they'll soon reproduce. Takes years for sarracenia to pick up but at least with drosera it's much quicker!
  22. Many cacti will survive sub-zero as long as they are completely bone dry. I overwinter a few in my greenhouse and I only keep it frost free - zero deg C if I can, once or twice minus a few!
  23. The first time my Epiphyllum oxypetallum flowered this was all I saw! The bud opened much quicker than I expected and I only saw the morning after. Your selenicerios looked good with so many flowers at once.
  24. Stunning! How long did the flowers stay open? Plus, what was the smell like? I've grown other night flowering (All 'Queen of the night's:-) ) cacti but never this one. How many years till next time now!!
  25. Welcome from a fellow Hampshire grower. Be warned, nobody stops at their first three CPs! The sarracenia and dionea should stand in a few cm of rainwater, but not the nepenthes, just keep that damp. Plus, given them plenty of light. Good growing.