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  1. Anyone use? What's your experience and what tariff? Thanks 😁
  2. Just use your collected rainwater and don't worry - too much use of the TDS meter will only confuse... Run off from most non-cement based roofs will be fine even if a bit higher TDS than you expect. Measuring the standing water in your trays is almost pointless and is not generally related to water hardness (which is what matters). PM if you want more details, posting results in a fair bit of poorly informed responses. I'm not a water chemist, but am a chemist who's dealt with ultrapure water in the past.
  3. You can get bigger more visually appealing plants if you grow single but they only look really nice for a season or two. If you grow as a clump they are individually smaller but fill any pot with an impressive mass of sticky leaves. I do both I've some big pots, 5+ years old, that die back in winter but regrow as a solid mass plants each year (but if I don't get the flowers produce literally thousands of seeds....). Hope that gives you the answer you were looking for
  4. If it flowers you'll have no need to divide as you'll get plenty of new plants I spend a lot of summer just 'weeding out' capensis from all my pots - compost heap is full of them
  5. Always found a bit of vodka did it for me and no seeds have ever complained
  6. Very nice. Must try to grow these again sometime. Last seeds I tried did nothing.
  7. These much prefer to at least spend summer outdoors and kept wet all the time. As others noted, looks like they dried out at some point (air inside can get very dry). I do keep some in one of my greenhouses that can often be over 40°C and in my opinion temperature is less of an issue than humidity.
  8. The filters may well work but they're pretty small - so I'd not expect them to last long! Check out some of the Amazon reviews and cost of a new filter and you'll probably come to the conclusion that a RO system would be a better investment. Unless you just have a single plant these are a bit of US hype!
  9. Weedol/Verdone has always been my 'go to'. Search Amazon to see. Concentrate is fairly economic and easy to spray or water on - calm days only. Seems to clear most weeds apart from horse tail (which needs something that sticks better).
  10. It was banned from sale in 2016 as it's considered invasive and a threat to native plants. Probably best to avoid!
  11. Seems to happen sometimes. My Maxima looks fairly bad very early this year (didn't flower either so don't know if linked).
  12. The leaves certainly do this as they die - go red and sticky. However, I don't find they reduce leaves with flowering. Your flowering plant looks a bit yellowish (may be camera/photo) compared to the earlier picture - is it getting enough light? Is it inside just for the photo? I find the big sundews do better either outside or in a greenhouse as houses are too dry.
  13. Dunc


    You could bottle that water and sell it on here it's so soft!!!
  14. Be careful what they use on your roof - pressure washing can strip the surface layer off roof tiles reducing their life considerably. Many tiles have a lifetime of around 20 years and then need replacing as they start to become porous (see for example Marley website for info). Sometimes it's better to live with the moss and cleaning gutters every year! I'm speaking from painfully learned experience.......
  15. Dunc

    rare cultivar?

    It's not the only one! I'd almost say one of many......
  16. I don't have any problems with minor outside - both typ and Okee seem to thrive. Leucos struggle more and seem to never put on much size outside for me. Hybrids don't seem a problem either, not the ones I have.
  17. Your US fellow growers will be best placed to help but from your min temps you're not in North TX so around zone 8a max which isn't too different from the UK. All my sarracenia take -10 outside with no extra care although some fare better than others. Your summers are where there's the bigger difference and I'd expect you'd need plenty of water to never let them dry out in your heat!
  18. Hi, I've the same readability issues as others have pictured too. Also, where has the 'mark all as read' gone as that was useful for 'clearing' threads of no interest?
  19. Can reach flowering size in less than 6 months from seed in peak growing season. Only need to be a few inches across to flower too. Generally you won't have any problems getting capensis to flower or set seed (hundreds).
  20. It can vary from plant to plant I'm afraid. Some can go through winter looking just about the same apart from maybe more ground hugging traps. Other can lose all their traps and rest though winter as a small bulb underground. Sometimes you'll find the plant doesn't make it too and it might not be a lot about what you do, just the way things work.
  21. My planifolia sees temperatures occasionally down to single figures and grows just fine. It's in a SE facing conservatory which is generally unheated at night in all but the coldest winters. During the day it can get warm in there if the sun's out. I've not had a flower yet but it's only 3 or 4 metres so far!
  22. Not sure the plants mind at all but boy it makes for an unpleasant greenhouse
  23. Used to use the garden centre 'lime free' RHS stuff but had some quite dusty stuff that took forever to wash. This one's not cheap but convenient to get it delivered. Had two more bags this week. When times are more normal I'll check out a few of the local aquarium shops.
  24. Bargain but too far away without needing an eye test.....
  25. Hi, I use the white stuff too and had no problems. Don't bother to wash it either as it's fairly clean out of the bag. Quite a nice even grit size too. Get mine off Amazon.
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