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  1. Dunc

    Wilted brown lid

    Image works - looks a bit frazzled on the edges. Whilst damp at the pot it could be a bit too dry up at the top. You could try a bigger pot and/or something larger to stand it in as a water tray? What temperatures in its location? My greenhouse can clear 40 deg C occasionally in summer and as long as they're stood in water the sarracenia have no problems.
  2. What's the weather doing! Was in Rome, in the rain, a few weeks ago! Here, in parts of SE UK we've had little rain for a couple of months now - my RO is in operation already as my rainwater is running low already........
  3. Dunc

    Drosera roots

    If you've space it will appreciate a bigger pot. If not it'll not come to any harm in the pot it's in.
  4. Hybrid! You can see some parentage but can only 'guess' at what it might be. Best to label as GC hybrid and just enjoy.
  5. Looks like a normal plant to me - when you see rotundifolia growing wild there's quite a variation in size etc. With s bit more sun it should colour up a bit too.
  6. Dunc

    Drosera roots

    Completely normal, all binata have almost as much under the surface as they have on top! Some of mine are in 12 inch pots and the roots pack the pots.
  7. Oh, definitely tropical then! I keep my neps in my conservatory - temp down to 10 C min in winter. I'd put bubble up permanently in your g/h - will keep it more stable, maybe a double layer on the north side. Will act as shading a bit in summer too.
  8. I use the big bubble stuff and can keep my 13 by 8 frost free with just a 30w tube heater in all but the worst weather. Have a bigger heater when needed but didn't have to use it at all this winter. The insulation stays up all year on the north side. You've less volumn but a higher surface area to volumn ratio so you'll have to see what works depending on what you mean by tropical plants. I'm happy to go down to about zero C. How much sun you get, what you have in as a heat sink, how exposed, etc will all differ. A smaller greenhouse can be less temperature stable and cool down rapidly.
  9. I have an oregon scientific weather station with a number of remote temperature/humidity sensors. One of these is in the greenhouse, another in the conservatory. Work well most of the time - the greenhouse one did fail after 18 months but was replaced under warranty. Can see al the details from the console that is wall mounted in the kitchen - takes upto 10 sensors if needed.
  10. I could hold out no longer! A second greenhouse is now in the rebuild to house the expanding CP (and clivia) collections. Picked up a second hand robinsons 10 by 8 for the pricely sum of £10. Currently regasketing as I rebuild before moving into position. May do one half of the roof in clear polycarbonate for various reasons. Anyone know where you can get this for the best price?
  11. Sadly this seems only too common with CPs via mail order, whether from ebay or even CPUK sales! Supply and demand have created a market place where some see easy money propagating as quickly as possible. Dionea varieties being 'hot' at the moment. I've had some great plants but also a equal number of really poor tidlers. For 10 euro you'd expect good adult plants, for a couple of euro what you got! To me, am I the only one, this is spoiling this 'hobby". Buying what you can see at an open day is far better or from the well known sellers.
  12. You'll find they can all do this every so often - enjoy the extra flowers!
  13. Aphids! Look carefully or rub your fingers gentle along and see what comes off.
  14. In the diary! Have my card this year, never got one last year...