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  1. I use orchid soil(i add just a little peat). It has worked for me so far...
  2. Thanks everyobody! I'll try to find the most suitable place for my nep. I'll post some pictures when it makes a couple of new pitchers! Thanks again Cheers David
  3. Hi! I got a N x Gentle in december(for my birthday). Since then it has grown about half a meter and made only one pitcher. Is this a lowland or a highland? How should I take care of it? This is my first nep, so I want to know it all... To this day I watered it regulary and sprinkled it once or twice a day... But I want more pitchers . Thanks for all the help! Cheers David
  4. Hi! Can you please tell me which nepenthes is that in your picture? I have that exact one at home but just cant ID it... Thanks Cheers David
  5. Don't be angry! Beautiful plant and of course beautiful pics!!! How big is it? Cheers David
  6. Beautiful pics and beautiful flowers, as always . Thanks for sharing
  7. The seed was moving?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????????????????
  8. Will you have any seed available? Cheers David
  9. hi! Thanks for all the help! I inspected the soil again and found fungus gnats larvae in there so I'll be getting a insecticide just to be sure... I thnk those are springtails in there too, yeah... Got a whole zoo in there Thanks again! Cheers David
  10. Hi! Today i was looking at my ceph and there were these little bugs looking like flys but smaller jumping around as I was killing them with a pair of tweezers. What are they? Are they harmful? How do I get rid of them? This ceph is really little, and I dont want to lose it... Thanks for the help... Cheers David
  11. Hi! Did you replant them or did the SM grow that quickly?? 'Cause if it grew that fast I want to know what you're doing to it Cheers David
  12. Hi! Mr. Kleins pricelist doesnt open for me... Love the plants though! Cheers David
  13. Nice photos and of course a very nice plant! Are you planing on polinating it? Cheers David
  14. Good to know that after all it's not that bad . I guess I'll have the same look at the world as jimscott --> I'm still 18 (by heart )... Cheers David