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  1. Hi, please does anyone have experience with Wistuba LED strips for growing seedlings or in vitro cultures ?
  2. Thanks for the info. I have still the old sticker "H.tatei var. neblinae" in the pot, from the early times, when this specie was considered to be a variety of H.tatei :)
  3. Hi, i have decided to take few pictures of this interesting form of N.maxima from Sulawesi. From all of the seedling i have sown before 5 years survived only one male plant: comparison with H.tatei H.neblinae: closeup look: For more info about history of this specie visit: http://masozraverost...e/N.maxima.html
  4. Hi, my miniature form of N.maxima from Sulawesi ( 1600 a.s.l. ) is flowering. This plant is small, around 30cm in diameter with very nice pitchers.
  5. Mine plant created flower bud !!! It is early to tell if the plant is male or female.
  6. 6ppm is very good value. Common distilled water does have about 5ppm here. So it does look the sand is free of soluble salts. But if you bought sand with limestone ( nearly insoluble in normal conditions - in pure water ), you cannot measure it with conductometer and you cannot remove the calcium by boiling it in water.
  7. Hi, i have got cleistogamous seeds from female N.truncata plant. Does anybody observed cleistogamy in female nepenthes plants ? Milos
  8. Hi, before 4-5 years i have received few seeds of this miniature form of N.maxima (1600 asl ). These seeds were collected during the expedition to Donau(lake) Poso. I have succesfully propagated this plant in vitro. http://www.carnivoro...12_22.html#Poso Lower pitcher: Tendril attachment: Whole plant: Upper pitcher:
  9. Hi , i have tried many times pine bark in nepenthes media, but the growth was poor. Please have you similar experience like me ? I have not used exactly bark from pinus pinea, but from other pinus species. Is there any difference between pinus barks ? regards Milos Sula
  10. Wow, please do you have small division of this clone for sale/swap ? I can offer nepenthes. If you are interested i can send you the list.
  11. BTW: i am wondering if Andreas will replace the plant with real N.insignis (Tayeve) not the Biak form...? I have found in my gallery some pictures of the mainland forms from my friend, but these are probably upper pitchers only - anybody does have picture of the lower pitchers ?: Mainland common form: Mainland green form:
  12. Hi Gareth, the first plant is N.ventricosa, i doubt this is a N.insignis. I am growing and propagating N.insignis for a few years and none of them does have such red coloration of peristome and pitcher.Also the shape of the pitcher and peristome is different. This is typical pitcher of the mainland form:
  13. I dont like such mutations = degenerated nepenthes which are not able to survive in the wild and even in "home" conditions they are weak grower which require more light and better care... I guess you got it for free.
  14. I have in flower male N.ventricosa "RED". If you are interested PM me. Milos
  15. Milos Sula


    Hi, i am using cocopeat in my nepenthes soil mix. But all the common cocoppeat bricks does contain too much salts and i must wash them in a HUGE amounts of water several times before use. I have decided to buy cocopeat which is already washed and salt free ( EC <0.3 ) I have found the following coco peats: Please do you have any experience with them ? Milos
  16. Hi, please exists any company selling embroidered patches with CP themes ? regards Milos Sula
  17. 1. The problem is mostly with bacterias, not with fungus.PPM is not effective against these bacterias. Bigger tissue can be treated by antibiotics. One antibiotic is not effective to supress the contamination. You need 2 or more combined together.But you must know which - ( it is good idea to do bacterial screening before trying the antibiotics, so you will know which antibiotics can be used ). Then you can test the antibiotics - but most cultures will die due phytotoxicity of antibiotics. 2. Extracting meristem is not easy.Meristem is a small group of plant cells measuring 0.1-0.5mm in dimat
  18. They are not carnivorous of course, they only can catch insects like Salvia glutinosa, Tobacco, Roridula etc... but they are not able to produce enzymes which can decompose the prey.
  19. Will, i believe you that in your conditions it is OK, but not in my conditions which are not ideal. You have probably good ventilation/low temperatures. It also does depend on the specie. Some are sensitive more, some dont. Vince, even small droplets of water ( which cannot be visible ) or higher humidity for longer time can harm the plants. So improve ventilation or remove fogger . Heliamphora does not require too much humidity 60-70% is OK.
  20. Hi Vince, independently on this article i have observed many times, that Heliamphora does not like watering/misting ( only if the surface of the pitchers will dry as soon as possible ) Water on the pitchers lead to fast rotting. Maybe switching the fogger off and watering from bottom will help. I have observed it many times with my Heliamphoras.
  21. Thanks Joachim, i have swapped these two species between each other, so i have corrected the topic.
  22. Do you have picture of whole plant ? Most people think that the pitchers of N.ampullaria are whole plant. But the pitchers does need a big leaves ( due photosynthesis ) to maintain these pitchers alive, but they are mostly hidden on the pictures.
  23. Not directly this one, they contain too much salt which will kill yout plants. You will need to wash them with VERY big amount of RO or distilled water for a week or two ( change the water each 2 days ). You will need to use about 100l of water to clean this amount of cocochips. You can also buy clean coco chips which come from Amazonia and they does not contain salts from sea. Milos
  24. Noone ? I have tried to wash the common cocochips from local store, but they contain too much salt. After 8 washing with distilled water ( around 100l ) they were usable.But now i need 10 - 20times more ( 100l ) for my new vivarium and washing such amount of cocochips is not possible for me at home. So i am looking for already washed or clean cocohcips from salt free areas.I think the Gert cocochips could be good choice... Milos