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  1. Thanks for all the info guys - really useful I have been growing pings for many years but have been using the usual peat/perlite/sand mixes and they have been fine for the easy stuff but I have had some problems with getting leaf cuttings to take and with the more tricky species keeling over. With all this new info I will try again with renewed vigor!! Cheers Chris R.
  2. Hi I am trying to source a good Pinguicula substrate that I saw being used by other growers. It is an orange/terracota clay 'gravel' for want of a better phrase. Can someone give me a trade name for it and perhaps a source where I can buy it in the UK? Thanks Chris R.
  3. Thanks Steve You're right - quite a few people have got in touch with some offers of seed :) Chris R.
  4. Hi What is generally the best time of year to get hold of Drosera burmanii plants or seeds? I am guessing it would be best to get seeds rather than plants. Thanks Chris R.
  5. Out of interest, how easy are these to get hold of? My girlfriend is after one and I wasn't sure how likely we are of finding one. Do they seed readily?
  6. Just as an aside... when she cuts the plant back can she take the top and make cuttings out of it? If so, what would be the best way to do it - just dib the top 5cm of stem into compost - or chop up the stem into sections and put it on Sphagnum in the hope that they all take root?
  7. Hi Sheila Yes, I think my friend is more interested just for the future, when it gets really big. At the moment it is manageable and it is flowering so I'll tell her to pick a time and maybe cut one of her 2 stems and leave the other. Then when the first starts to regrow cut the second tall stem and rotate them so there is always some growth.
  8. Thanks for the great advice - much appreciated. But when would be the best time of year to cut it? Or doesn't it matter when it is in a terrarium with artificial light etc? Should it be when it is growing with flowers - or when it isn't flowering?
  9. Hi A friend of mine grows D.madagascarensis in a terrarium and she asked how do people normally control the height of these plants - because she can see it will outgrow her terrarium pretty soon. Do you cut is back down - and if so, how much? and does it regrow? Or does everyone just get seed and start from scratch each time? Also, would you expect it to grow taller in a terrarium, given high humidity, warmth and good light? Or wil it grow as fast as mine does on a normal windowsill? Cheers Chris R.
  10. ChrisR

    Growing Byblis

    Hi Stephen Looks like I need to get hold of both Roridula and Byblis gigantea then! Just my bad luck that they're such rare plants Do you know anyone with spare Roridula? Unfortunately I am 'down south' in Reading and won't be able to make your open day. Of course, if anyone down here is making the journey then it might be possible for them to bring the Byblis down and for me to collect them from them.
  11. ChrisR

    Growing Byblis

    Hi Greg Thanks for such a comprehensive post - just what I needed. I don't have a proper terrarium setup here but a friend of mine does and she is very keen to try liniflora too, so I think I'll let her do that species. For myself I think I like the sound of gigantea because I grow a lot of my plants on a window sill throughout the year - the only problem, as you said, is getting hold of any! Do you know if the seed stays viable for a long time or is it one of those plants that you have to sow fresh or they don't come up? Interestingly, someone told me that Roridula also grows well indoors in a window so I'd like to try that. Have you had any experience of growing Roridula?
  12. ChrisR

    Growing Byblis

    Hi I have never tried Byblis but I'd like to give liniflora and/or gigantea a try this year. Does anyone know anyone with seed/seedlings for sale? Is seed the best way to start - ie. to reduce any chance of stress during posting etc? Many thanks Chris R.
  13. ChrisR

    Soil mites

    Great - thanks for the advice - that's set my mind at rest
  14. ChrisR

    Soil mites

    Hi Matt I have checked the other pots and all seem to be without mites - just the Genlisea has them, so I suspect a grower has treated his plants with these predatory mites and that's what I am seeing - unless anyone can think of a parasitic mite that runs about in the soil and is brown/orange.
  15. ChrisR

    Soil mites

    Hi I have a healthy-looking Genlisea but when I knocked it out of its pot recently I was surprised to see some small orange/brown mites running around in the air pockets in the soil. They seem very scared of light and never appear on the soil surface and they are obviously pretty resourceful because they were living happily when the plant had water nearly up to the rim of the pot! The plant seems healthy but I am a bit worried that these mites are parasitic and will eventually weaken the plant and possibly spread to other plants in my collection. So, I was going to start with Pravado soil drench (as Aidan recommended recently in another post) but does anyone out there have any experience of these things and can they offer any more advice? PS: one thing just dawned on me that they might be Hypoaspis mites, used to control soil pests. But I'm not sure how I could prove that. :?