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  1. After having jim added me on facebook, i had a search and i found the ICPS on there but no CPUK. are any of you guys on facebook? if you are, you can find me by searching the exact term "Dongliang L" and if there's enough of us, maybe we'll make a CPUK group, dead easy
  2. dongliang_l

    CP after 4 years of neglect

    Having been away from home and not really wanting to go home for various reasons for the last 4 years, my cps have been living in the backyard essentially wild under the welsh weather.
  3. yeah, not just in the pitcher plants, there's just more bugs everywhere these days. yesterday i heard a mosquito buzz by my ear and killed it after turning the light on, the one big plus when i immigrated to UK with my mum 12 years old was that british mosquitoes are quite docile guess it's the global warming doing good
  4. the seeds i got from stephen is making a few clumps now, i have about 10-15 leaves now.
  5. hey all, i'm still in uni revising for big exams, gone home yesterday and repotted all the plants i kept in my uni room, i gave each of my nepenthes mirabilis seedlings a new pot, one thing i;m not so sure is that i read on savage garden it says they prefer more alkaline conditions and i should avoid acidic peaty soils. I have already potted them in a 1 sphagnum moss peat 1 perlite 1 sand mixture, is this really bad? what can i do about it? any advice would be great.
  6. yeah it's peltata, i have some and they died back, havne't seen them grow back yet but there was a lots of seeds last year so that much be it, i don't own any other tuberous sundews.
  7. hey everyone, damn university reports and projects have been keeping me worried but not too busy since i get so lazy. Anyways, i got some seeds of mirabillis from Steve Alton august 2003, that's what it says in my history file anyway. They have grown into seedlings of about 1.5 cm diameter, i grow them in a plastic box with no drainage holes under a powerglo and a sunglo, they seem to do ok even if i forgot to water them sometimes, anyways, does anyone have any tips on how to transplant them and grow them to give them a better home, a propagator in a dark university hall isn't gonna do. Thanks.
  8. haven't been visiting the forum in a while, busy uni life, great site Bjørn.
  9. hey chris, the plant i took my cutting from has got some huge pitchers on them now and the whole clump has spread from 3 and half inch across when i first got from hampshire carnivores to 5 inches now.
  10. i grow my largest cephs in 10 inch pots on my windowsill and it's about 30% humidty so i mist it every chance i get about 3 times a day. It's fine as it is, some sites say it's bad to mist whilst other says they like misting, i just do it as i feel, i sorta "feel" for the plant and i always touch the soil to see how wet it is etc etc. i think each plant can be different trial and error.
  11. where did you get the n glabrata? please tell me, i'm still looking for it.
  12. just been to kew today, mother wanted to go coz of bank holiday and i couldn't find any neps they grew. The neps they sold was £5.95 so was the aliciae and sarrs. The big neps are 21 pounds. They had a woman watering the CPs when i was there, i asked she said it's distilled water but had no clue what nepenthes was as i was trying to find one that they grew.
  13. i read in savage garden that these don't grow well in peat, what do you guys grow them in? normal compost?
  14. i leave mine none watered, just give it water in water trays when something gets in it starts to secret anyways.
  15. i leave my cobras on the bottom level of the shelf, they do fine with shade, the red is normally by the rim of the pitcher, if by bottom it's rot from too many preys and othewise it's the red form.