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  1. Impressive...those plants sure will take you a lot of time to water them! Aren't you worried about thunderstorms, hail and strong winds? Here in the north italy I'm sure every summer we will have one or more strong storms...so we must plastic nets or greenhouses...
  2. Yes...and the lights are not so strong...I think it's the basement cool temperatures that made them so colorful!
  3. Tnx! I used bbcode instead of html from flickr and it worked! :-)
  4. How can I post links to images? Is there any mod in here who could fix my post? Tnx!
  5. Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I posted something in here...so now after this long pause I want to show you how thing are going into the highland terrarium...in my opinion are going very good! N.argentii N.argentii by mrAlmond, on Flickr N.aristolochioides N.aristolochioides by mrAlmond, on Flickr N.aristolochioides N.aristolochioides by mrAlmond, on Flickr H.chimantensis and H.purpurascens H.chimantensis and H.purpurascens by mrAlmond, on Flickr Helis and neps overview... helis by mrAlmond, on Flickr H.nutans H.nutans by mrAlmond, on Flickr H.pulchella (sold to me as H.elongata... :-( ) H.pulchella by mrAlmond, on Flickr D.graomogolensis D.graomogolensis by mrAlmond, on Flickr D.trinervia D.trinervia by mrAlmond, on Flickr
  6. It had been a good mistake as I saw your beautiful orchid!
  7. I opened this post in the drosera section....so I thought it was explicit that I was talking about Drosera uniflora! BTW : Your orchid looks wonderful...
  8. Hi guys, Does anyone in this forum is successfully growing D.uniflora? I've bought some seeds two years ago but at the moment only a single and very little plant survived and it seems very very slow growing!
  9. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook...
  10. Does this wand reminds you something? http://www.starshopbs.com/Harry-Potter_HARRY-POTTER-Bacchetta-di-Ninfadora-Tonks-Nymphadora-Wand-aCharacter-Editiona.1.10.93.gp.25145.-1.uw.aspx
  11. This utric is fantastic...could that "balloons" be used by the plant to help flowers to float on the water surface?
  12. Unfortunately I've not been able to see open flowers of this plant...but I've got the luck of having an apomictic flower, this is the first time I see something similar on a rosette tuberous drosera. I will try to make a cutting of it...
  13. Siggy...I must admit that your N.pervilleii it's the most amazing nep I've ever seen...
  14. Wow Mau! D.alba, D.trinervia and D.cistiflora are my favs! Are you keeping them outside now?
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