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  1. Amazing colours! The small 'Hummer's giant' you sold me last year is producing his first mature pitchers right now. Not bad after one year... Thanks for sharing those pics! Grtz! Vincent
  2. Many thanks Mirek for your answer!!! One day we'll finally discover the truth! I thinks it's quiet hard to see by some pics if we're talking about the same plants. Although I agree with your points! That's also the reason why I'll take some pics tomorrow of the plants (S.'Tina') which I ordered from Karnivores. Of course it's up to Freddy de Coninck now to confirm our suspects... I don't think there are any of these Sarracenia's left in our collection in Ghent, maybe Freddy has some plants left? Unfortunately I don't know him personal...
  3. Absolutely stunning!!! I'm also interested in some seeds or even a small spare plant! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Dear CP-friends, In name of Drosera vzw and Diobel asbl I would like to thank you all for coming over and to attend our EEE last weekend. We all had a great time, saw a lot of new faces, enjoyed the speakers, bought a whole bunch of new plants, etc... Once again I would like to thank all our speakers and salesmen for sharing their information and experience, really interesting! Instead of posting more than 100 photo's, I putted mine in a short movie on youtube! Those basterds of youtube deleted my audio or replaced it, but the pics are still there! Now I'm waiting after all those other pics, we saw a lot of pro's last weekends with amazing camera's! I hope you enjoyed the EEE and see you all! Kind Regards, Vincent
  5. Hi David, If you press the picture that you see on the website, you'll see some more info about the EEE in Dutch, French and English. Afterwards you just have to click on the green EEE poster. Cheers,
  6. Hi Jens, Our society will organise a dinner in Chess Café in Gent (http://www.chesscafe.be/gent/index.html) on Saturday evening. As soon as our webmaster is back from holidays, he will publish everything online! Kind Regards, Vincent
  7. Damn, I'm deeply shocked when I see those pictures! Well, in my opinion humans are the most selfish creatures on Earth! They really don't give a .... about nature and all the magnificent plants, N.bokor included.
  8. Dear CP friends, Here we are with some new updates! Our webmaster created a web page with all the necessary information you need. You can find this at EEE 2009 Ghent. Just click on the poster and continue in English (French or Dutch). Later this year we will update this web page with a more detailed programme, information about lectures etc. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them. You may send them to our president Dieter: dieter_blancquaert (at) hotmail.com or right here in this topic. Regards, Vincent
  9. Fantastic report! I really like the colour of P. involuta! And of course the landscape is breathtaking! Thanks for these amazing pics!
  10. Just take a look over here: EUROPEAN PINGUICULA : alternative cultivation method
  11. Thanks for your help David! In a few weeks, we will publish a list of hotels etc. in (or near) Ghent. This is the website of the Botanical Garden: Ghent University Botanical Garden Regards, Vincent
  12. Is there any chance to self pollinate the flower, or is that impossible? Otherwise I'll have to look after some pollen...
  13. Good news Dani! Last week I noticed a flower on my P. lutea! I can't wait to see the flower! As soon as the flower opens, I'll post some pics.
  14. Dear CPUK members, In name of Drosera vzw, the Belgian CP society, I'm very proud to present you our EEE 2009 poster! The European Exhibition and Exchange will take place over two days and will be held over the weekend 5th and 6th September 2009 in Ghent. In the next few months we will publish a website with all the information you have to know about this wonderful event! It's a great opportunity to meet all the top experts and to see them in real life, of course this event is also a perfect chance to extend your CP collection! Hope to see you all there!!! Regards, Vincent
  15. Here's mine, one of Dani's seedlings by the way! My apoligies for the bad quality of the pictures, it's time to get a new camera! Dani, your plants are doing great. Also the Drosera's seems to like their new habitat! The Pings are recovering well, and they started with their new growth! P. primulifora 'Rose' already started to produce some little plants. Are you going to pollinate some flowers of USA-Pinguicula? PS: If you have some new plants available, let me know something! Greets, Vincent
  16. Nice pics you've got there, Dani! P. lutea is definately one of my favorites, especially with those yellow flowers! I'll try to post some pics of mine tomorrow. Greets, Vincent
  17. Amazing plants, Iggy! Tell us what your secret is! Greets to the Belgian Drosera master Vincent
  18. Magnifique!!! Wonderful leucophylla's, your flava's are also very well coloured! Greets, Vincent
  19. What?! Those hybrids from EP are really stunning, amazing plant you've got there. It seems that N. lowii x truncata is the new hype of 2008! I spot him/ her on every forum! Greets, Vincent
  20. Just keep them in your handluggage, otherwise you'll return with frozen plants... Although your flight is pretty short, but I won't take the risk. Greets, Vincent
  21. What the... ?! That's definately the weirdest Nepenthes pitcher I've ever seen in my life! Do you have a picture before it opened? I can't believe that the lid fits to the rest of the pitcher...
  22. Am I dreaming? There're no words for those pictures! I love the N.veitchii candy stripe, what an amazing colour and superb peristome! I never saw one for sale before. Is it a highland Nepenthes? N.lowii x truncata is also very impressive! How big is that pitcher? I'm a big fan of your backgrounds, fantastic plants is perfect conditions! I'm afraid everyone will be addicted to Neps one day! Thanks for posting those pictures, Simon! And keep on posting! Vincent
  23. The Coquillage and Korrigans are really superb, especially Coquillage is a wonderful plant!!! What I like about Coquillage is that the traps looks quiet thick and of course their small "teeth"... Hopefully this pompom (and the other plants) are stable, if it is, then you've got an extreme rare plant over there! Any spares? Good job!!! You've got certainly an eye to pick those special Dionaea's out of all the rest! Greetings, Vincent
  24. Nice bog you've got there, mate!!! Not even a year later and your bog is almost full! You can start to digg your second one! Well give some rest to the Sarracenia's and they will produce some wonderful pitchers the next couple of years. Good luck! Greetings, Vincent
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