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    Phasmids, Tarantulas, CP's. beer ;.)
  1. Hi and welcome to the forum
  2. OK but I will wait as my Harlequin Blueflag/ Iris versicolor is blooming at the moment and the Sarracenias are in flower too. What do you think is the autumn this year a good time or spring 2011
  3. Hi, my bog garden is now about 5 years old, since then I have never changed the peat. I want to know which experiences you have made referring to the 'life span' of the substrate ? Is it necessary to change the whole substrate or only partial ? Jürgen
  4. Hi and welcome to CPUK
  5. It's the same buyer on both auctions must be a real enthusiast...but there's no satisfaction or money back.
  6. that's my current view including my watchcat 'Tiger' waiting for a new challenge to defend my home
  7. A little similar to S. x catesbaei
  8. Taken out of slacks 'Bible' hope I don't breach copyright :?
  9. Oh I only heared about such girls now now I know that there are girls who are interested in down-to-earth themes and not in tranparent stones and expensive cloth tatters