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  1. We went for a walk on the family property this past weekend and the Calypso Orchids are now in bloom! There were dozens and dozens of them, so pretty! I know they aren't the rarest or most unusual orchids, but I thought I would post pictures anyway because they are one of my favorites
  2. I guess I was spoiled growing CP's in Alaska because I never had much for diseases, fungus, or insect problems. Well, the Pacific Northwest's wet winters just taught me a heck of a lesson.. I lost 80% of my Sarracenia to botrytis. Over a hundred plants are garbage. I just feel sick. In over 15 years growing CP's this is the first time I've ever had a bug or fungus wipe out my plants like this. The only ones that are fine are the ones that were growing in straight live sphagnum, just about everything I had in any sort of peat mix is dead. I tried my best to keep the water levels low, but without a greenhouse or cold frame it's pretty difficult. Those of you who use fungicide.. what one do you use? I'm going to go shopping for some this afternoon..
  3. Thank you.. I had already checked those sites :-) I just wish there was something made specifically for identification...
  4. Years ago my cats got into one of my trays of Mexican Pinguicula and pulled every single tag out (and many plants). I've been meaning to go through and re-identify those plants but always seemed to put it off. Today I tried to tackle the project but became frustrated by the similarities of so many of the flowers. Is there a page or book that shows or describes the exact intricate differences of the Mexican Pings next to each other? Sort of a comparison between species and cultivars for the purposes of identification? I tried using the CP photo finder but it didn't quite fit the bill. I hope I'm making some sense here.. I just spent the past 6 days moving into our new house so I'm a bit out of it.
  5. There are quit a few CP'ers on Facebook.. I know when it searched my e-mail contact book it found a ton :-)
  6. So just use as directed then? Nothing different for cacti/succulents?
  7. I am usually very careful but during moving I had several people helping me and plants ended up shoved everywhere. I'd heard people talk about Bayer before but this is the only one I can find locally -
  8. A friend of mine gave me a plant that apparently had mealy bugs because now my other cacti and succulents in the same room have it as well. A few of the plants were hard to come by so I really don't want to toss them. I've been killing any and every mealy bug I see with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol but I'm afraid it's time to consider other options. I was wondering if anyone here has tried any insecticides on their cacti/succulents with mealy bug and had any luck?
  9. Yes, we've been freezing off and on here in Seattle, WA. Everything went dormant very early on me this year
  10. Dormant P.gypsicola P. macrophylla P. medusina P. emarginata G. violacea 'Giant' And my first Orchid bloom :-) Phalaenopsis amabilis I found as a freebie on Craigslist last year.
  11. Can't see a thing.. says your photobucket bandwith has been exceeded :-(
  12. Oh I would in a heartbeat.. but I meant toss them because alot of hybrid seed is infertile.. However, I have other seeds I could send you.. I just thought you were low on space and not adding to the collection?
  13. Just wondering if anyone elses plant is flowering? Mine has been blooming like crazy! The flowers are pretty, unfortunately my camera is in the shop getting fixed.. so no pics :-p I'm guessing any seed this produces should be tossed?
  14. I'm a bit confused by the complete lack of information available online about this Genus. I can't find anything! Is it just me? Do I have the wrong name? I was told they were Devil's Claw seeds.. they sure look like it! I was given seeds a few weeks ago so i was looking for germiantion and cultivation info..
  15. My schizandra is growing great and has babies sprouting in the pot as well. It's in the corner of my south facing windowsill in a small plastic "terrarium" of sorts. I can post a pic tomorrow.