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  1. I am glad he lives I have a sick Ceph to. What strikes me as strange is at the beginning of each season my Ceph gets unhappy. During the winter it is really happy... how weird is that? Strange plants
  2. In my experience it is better to order them or go to one of the many open days the member on this forum do. The reason for this is that the condition of the plants is generally guaranteed to be good. Most plants I have bought from garden centres don't last long because they have been watered incorrectly. That said if you get them when the order has just come in, before the staff have killed them with tap water, you should be fine. There are so many people on here that will sell you great plants at good prices you might as well use them :) Hope this helps
  3. I try to leave my VFT's outside as often as possible. The colour they get from being in the German sun is fantastic. Greenflies are the only pests I get problems with. They always seem to chew the new growth in the spring. I have actually tested the two situations recently, out and indoors. Indoors you get bigger and faster growth and less wind damage. Outside however they catch plenty of food so despite a slow start these greedy plants are usually bushes by the end of the summer I have a Denate which still seems to eat well despite not having long spikes on the jaws. Does Denate occur in the wild?
  4. sorry but I think they just look ugly :/
  5. utterly fantastic looking plant. So healthy. Congratulations you must be a very proud parent
  6. Hi mobile. It was looking like this before I re-potted it. Whilst re-potting I removed a lot of the old material, as this is impossible to do when it is in a huge clump. I thought it needed re-potting to help promote growth. Also you know how long the roots get so it needed a deeper pot. The plant is actually about 4 or 5 years old so I think it is mature. Maybe I should split it up a bit. If there is a mildew infection perhaps I can save a cutting. Oh also it is outside now so the ventilation is A1 . What's the lowest temperature a Ceph can endure?
  7. Can anyone offer me any advice. I have re-potted, it is in the sun and has plenty of water... what more can this Australian Pitcher plant want?
  8. scottleroc

    Scotts babies

  9. I agree with everyone. Unfortunately I have to use Distilled water so I am always looking for a cheaper solution. I only posted this because this guy is from 'Experts Village' so he says so I assumed his advice would be that of an expert's... I wonder how many people took his advice and lost their plants ?
  10. I have ordered and spoken to Gert today. I used the extreme plants site as of course the new one is not ready yet. The plants I get from him are always fantastic esp. the Neps
  11. my plants were picking up but then the Greenflies appeared, now they are fighting to come back. My VFT's are slowly coming to life but some of my Sarras have seen better times.
  12. A video that says it's okay to use Tap water ??? - Click here I was just watching this video and Wes says you can leave tap water in a bucket for 24 hours and then use it...... Seriously this can't be correct can it?
  13. I also found OBI stock a pretty good range and I have bought some Neps from there before but they died within a year. I think that was my bad. It got to cold in the kitchen for them
  14. ha ha Alexa, good to see the humor is still alive on here
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