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  1. First of all, and I know that many people don't agree, but I would stay well clear of perlite when growing VFT's. All my VFT's grown in perlite suffer and do not do as well as those with sand. So, if all the other plants that you brought are doing ok I would suggest a change of potting medium and a spray of Provado to count out aphids, etc. Regards Alex.
  2. Welcome Paul, feel free to ask as many questions as you like, there are many people here who will be happy to help. Regards Alex.
  3. You'll be building a greenhouse before you know it :)
  4. Thanks for posting some great photos. So is the Green Swamp a nature preserve? I have a var cupurea from Pender Co, a very nice plant. Alex
  5. Yeah, add water, but so much that the pitcher topples over. Leave expose to rain and that will d it for you. Cheers Alex
  6. No problems for help, am here often so feel free, but lots of members here will be able to help out. Cheers Alex.
  7. Ah, man! Red Mars was on my wish too! So it's just any old red plant only with a different label? Alex.
  8. Hi Trish Thanks for the comments. As Alexis said, they like it a little warmer and last year was a harsh winter. Can I ask why your minors were out of the greenhouse? All my Sarracenia grow under glass, apart from one or two in a barrell. Leave them to grow in the greenhouse and they'll be fine. Regards Alex.
  9. Yuri, have you considered that in Italy, the sun is much stronger than here in the UK, which will have a different effect on the plant? Honestly, don't be disappointed, I believe that you have the true S flava "Goldie", from the photo's you posted, I would be surprised if it wasn't. After all, there is no evidance that there even is a fake "Goldie" plant doing the 'rounds Alex.
  10. If its not Goldie, them its doing a good impression of it. Alex.
  11. I'm going to have get me a Bee house, great idea. I try and rescue bee's when I find them with a piece of string that they seem to climb up and fly free, then they can be caught with a glass and post card and released. Alex.
  12. alexa

    AF moorei

    Great looking plant Ada. Cheers Alex.
  13. Hi Trish Welcome to the forum. Regards Alex.
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