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  1. It had direct sunlight for exactly 6AM-8AM(only on sunny days). I was leaving home and tasked my sister to do the job of watering it. Root rot's always gotta be there. Currently trying to recover my nep by propagating it. It's a cheap ventrata i got for 2 bucks, so no biggie if it didn't succeed.
  2. It seems like it's doing fine, growing well but not thriving. What should i do? My pings and utrics seems to be thriving though.. maybe a late adaptation?
  3. Lately, I've been thinking. If Silicate sand is made out of quartz, can i use other types of quartz such as rose quartz and others as sand to make it look prettier?
  4. So i just got my first nep. The previous owner said it was in a porch, no indirect sun. I'm kind of afraid of my grandmother accidentally watering my nep with tap water. So maybe i should bring it inside? I'm planning to put it in our dining room, the door is always opens during the day and gives it a "windowsill" kind of light. Should i do it? Do you have any tips and tricks? Is there any tricks this plant has up its "Sleaves"?
  5. Should i put the ping on a nep mix(LFS+perlite+peat) then? Or sphagnum? So it gets wetter? Also, i have a new nep, it's a flowering male, the blossoms began to wither, should i cut it?
  6. My country is crossed by the northern hemisphere, and the southern, a little bit of eastern too. We don't have spring, winter or something. We only have drought season and rainy season. Rainy season began like a month ago.
  7. Oh sorry for another reply if I'm annoying you. Does it go out of it's false dormancy naturally, and then i can add more water and lessen the sun. Or do i just pull it off of this false dormancy? Thank you.
  8. Thank you so much. I'm planning to get an emarginata, primuliflora, and a nepenthes. Not sure what nepenthes yet. I'm looking for emarginatas for their patterned flowers, and primuliflora for their beautiful white center and light blue hue! Although the only emarginatas available in my shopping app has been bred with wesser. I'm planning to breed said emarginata with a cyclo.
  9. I searched up dormant pinguicula, and i don't think they look like mine. Mine always grew new leaves. They're just quite small and not dewy. If they're dormant, they would have stopped growing, right? Oh, and also, my U. Longifolia doesn't need a humidity dome and it's thriving. So maybe it's not about the humidity, but about the variety of sphagnum moss? Mine was an Indonesian sphagnum found in the Dairi regency.
  10. So i had a wesser, aphrodite, and cyclosecta on my windowsill. Cyclosecta died for no reason, same water, light, and soil. A few weeks later, wesser is losing color. So i decided to have them get atleast 4 hours of direct sun, because of what California Carnivores said. Aphrodite is growing like normal. While wesser gained a slight tint of orange, doesn't create dew like aphrodite, and have smaller, cute leaves(not dormant), it's like a cute succulent. I thought because my pinguicula isn't dormant even in dry soil, drosera wouldn't too. I bought a spatulata, guess what? It went dormant, so i noticed this and laughed off, i watered it. The next day it went dry again(i didn't have a tray). So i got it a tray and made sure it's never dry again, please tell me if my sundew will be fine. I also have trouble with sphagnum, i can't plant them without a humidity dome, even when i plant them in a humidity dome with peat, or sphagnum, they wouldn't grow, they just make a young plant. The young plant doesn't grow for 4 months and dies for no reason. I then bought another variety, called "Aceh Sphagnum" or something. It's cute, it looks like if aquatic moss and sphagnum moss had kids. It's very easy and doesn't need a humidity dome, it always produces young plants, and the young plants actually grows. It does has a problem though, it has a hard time planting themselves in peat, so i used star moss.
  11. So i got an inspiration to mount pinguicula on a rock, with sphagnum ofcourse. I'm confused on which rock is safe and better. I'm afraid pumice will not suffice as it floats in water. Also, trays are necessary, as it is very hot here. Planning to mount some wessers and cyclosectas. The rock should be about 15 centimeters in length more or less and 10 centimeters on width. Plus maybe different points of height on each end to make it look 'natural'. I don't know much about pings. I kinda know about bladderworts and sundews, and some seedgrown flytraps. Cheers~*
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