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  1. No one has been dismissed from the Society. Who told you that? This is rumourmongering. The vote of no confidence was formally proposed´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐, seconded and carried with a majority.
  2. Thanks to you too for your backing. Believe me when I say that the committee are at the moment working very hard to resolve the issues that have been raised. We don't want or need conflict. Flick
  3. Thanks. As a part of those being 'attacked' by the few, it is very hard to stay here and stay positive. I have been on the committee since 2001 ish and I have personally been on the receiving end of Vic's poison since he joined and left us. Not just what you have all seen here, but at home. The committee (me included) have tried to stay positive and professional and only critiscised when we can stand it no longer. No-one but us knows exactly what has gone on. We are damned if we answer and damned if we don't. I joined the committee and became a Trustee because I care. I still care, but
  4. Thanks to you ada for talking sense and being impartial. Flick
  5. Thanks Alexis, your examples for NHS are exactly the sort of thing we need. Thanks Phil for your time and for expressing exactly everything I have wanted to say and tried to write about the committee and elections in the last few weeks but couldn't get the wordings right. I absolutely agree about postal votes, it is absolutely the fairest way. Also an election should only need to be held if there more applications for posts than candidates. I was a Parish Councillor for 16 years and that is how we did it. If the candidates equalled or were less than the number of positions available - al
  6. Please don't make this personal yet again. I am stating the obvious and not trying to be negative or obstructive or personal. Flick
  7. It also excludes all CPS members who are not members of this forum and all those who do not have access to the internet. But, it is a start and it doesn't need sniping comments from anyone. Flick
  8. Absolutely!! All the committee posts are up for renewal at the AGM and there are vacancies. Those who put their names forward have as much chance as the existing committee. We need interested members of the CPS to come forward. Please. I have already said that you do not have to attend the AGM in person to apply for a post on the committee. Just write or email the committee beforehand. If I can help, just ask. Flick Still present Treasurer, CPS
  9. You left us in the lurch as we had no time to find and appoint a new Internet Officer before you left. Don't make up stories on my behalf please Vic. My committee post is due for renewal or change at the AGM along with all the others. Don't take what I said out of context and twist it Vic. It is what you are so good at! What I meant was - Steve and Paul have a measured, calm response, whereas others (including you) are hot-headed and rush in. As I said then and I say now - there needs to be a balance. Balance is good, extreme is not. Flick Still present Treasurer, CPS
  10. You did a good job whilst you were with us. You decided to leave and then cut short your original notice period which left us in the proverbial lurch. Not good. We don't actually have a Vice-Chairman (though perhaps we should). The Chairman's post is up for renewal at the AGM, as all posts are. There is no reason why any member cannot apply for the post, they would be voted in or out, same as the rest. As to leaving the Chairman's post and/or the Trustee positions vacant, I personally don't think that is a good idea. We need committee members and we currently have four Trustees - a go
  11. The whole committee is up for re-election at the AGM. There are also vacancies and the opportunity to create new committee posts. ANY MEMBER of the CPS can stand for election. The reason the committee usually get re-elected 'en masse' is because there are no other proposals. If any CPS member is interested in standing for one of the currently filled positions - why not get a proposer and a seconder (shouldn't be too difficult among friends/colleagues from within the CPS community) and let the committee know by email or in writing? And/or why not come forward as a General Committee Mem
  12. Hi James I apologise for not including Northern Ireland, my error. I am sure there are loads of growers and enthusiasts in Ireland. The CPS has given Conservation Funding, plants and personal assistance to the Peatland Conservation Council in Ireland. Yes, of course you would be welcome as a a Committee member from Ireland - why indeed not? When we had a committee member from Scotland, there was a proposal to help with the cost of attending meetings - maybe not every one, but at least one a year. As a rule, none of the committee charge for attending meetings etc, but when the need arise
  13. Absolutely. I will email all the committee and also bring it up at the meeting before the AGM. Regarding the prospect of holding the AGM further North, do any members have any ideas for suitable venues? So am I. If everyone just keeps on critiscising, makes me wonder if I want to carry on, what is the point? I could just turn up at meets and events and buy plants. Please don't say you have no expertise.........you enjoy carnivorous plants and want to help the Society, those are the only qualifications you need to volunteer. Most of us are in no way experts, we just do our best a
  14. I appreciate that, offering assistance is one thing (and very welcome), however actually changing website content is another. Becoming a committee member is not hard. It just means that you offer some genuine committment and loyalty (not that I think you wouldn't if you just helped) but as a charity, we deal with money etc that isn't ours and look after members' interests. The amount of time that you wish to contribute can be variable. We, the committee, work as a team, and we all do our different roles according to the demands and the time we have available. The more members of a team we
  15. Thanks. Sounds good. Realistically, as I previously posted and I am sure you will understand, the only way you could have actual access is to become a committee member. Please send an email to the committee. The Meetings Organiser and the new Promotions Officer both live in or near Wales. If you have something to bring to the committees' attention, why not ask them? They could raise issues on your behalf. Or put it in writing? I am not sure how you get together a group - maybe ask for other members to come forward through this forum? Then you could send a delegate to the AGM? The date o