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  1. It is misconception that petiolaris form can't self pollinate or hybrids can't be sterile. Sean
  2. You want to keep petiolaris complex plants moist but not wet.Keep temperatures 80f-100f.Soil mixture should be 3 parts perlite to 1 part peat.Photoperiod doesn't matter.I personally grow them 18-24 hours of light.Infrared cause them to grow and they don't require dormancy.The most important is ventilation.Sean
  3. Olivier, I currently live in michigan and will be collecting it soon, sean
  4. Glass?Just put gemmae on soil surface and set pots in trays of water
  5. 1 gram to 1 liter of water and soak for 5 days.But!Gigantea for only 24 hours.
  6. Drosera hilaris likes it cold.It grows fairly easy.When its cold!Live sphagnum or 2 parts peat to 1 part nursery sand works well.In nature when the ground thaws Hilaris becomes active.If foggy locations Hilaris prospers.Seed stratify cold or by leaf and root cuttings.Sean
  7. Hi,The colder the better without freezing is what cistiflora preferes.Sean
  8. H,i do you want seed of petiolaris complex for sell?? I live in Argentina and grow more of this species.

    Thank you!!

  9. H,i do you want seed of petiolaris complex for sell?? I live in Argentina and grow more of this species.

    Thank you!!

  10. All the plants in complex do it in one way or another but not like D.petiolaris
  11. I started with one plant and over time the plant eventually produced into one large clump.Geneticly idenicle clones spreading over the soil surface.I seperated the clump and potted each plant indivisual pots.Not that every plant is geneticly the same yet their starting to change appearance.It hard to believe its the same plant.Sean
  12. Hi all,Most of your questions are likely linked to water issues.Sean
  13. Sorry for late reply.My friend was being diffecult.He wanted to upgrade his grow with better bulbs and white paint.
  14. Hey All,Here's the Falconeri like plant from Papuana.Sean
  15. Tomarrow Ill post 2weeks update of my friends grow.Plus ill post a very rare form of D.falconeri from papuana new guinea.Sean