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  1. Nice plant, I think that it comes from a dutch nurserie, well mine does. It should grow like a weed, soon you'll have to many of those around...
  2. As far as I know N. sibuyanensis is highland. I don't think that it will do well in a lowland setup.
  3. That is a classic indeed, and what a classic ! very nice pitcher !
  4. How long do you have the plant ? It might be the cause of a shock.
  5. And then you could top the whole thing with Spaghnum mos so you don't see the pots at all.
  6. Nope not an UK thing, mine ale flowering right now to, one of my plants already had a flower in spring and now it's flowering again and there is a new stalk on it's must be something Euopean... Congrats Loakesy !
  7. jorick

    Nepenthes Spp.

    Post a pic and we'll see if we can help you
  8. jorick

    Truncata Pot Size

    Thanks for the replies.
  9. Hi, I've heard that N. rajah needs very big pots to grow wel even when they're still small, does a young truncata ( lets say 8-10cm diameter ) require this to ? Since it already is a rather slow grower I wouldn't like it to stagnant it's growt. Thanks, Jorick
  10. Heheh me again Don't ask me why but I've experienced that ventrata's don't pitcher as well once they start to vine ( your's looks like a rather big plant ), some people say it's becouse ventrata needs something to twist it's tendrils around, but I cant tell for sure. When possible you van give your plant some more light but make shure that the plant has some time to adapt, it might actually pitcher better with more light.
  11. Nope, old pitchers die of that's normal. Unlike most cp's Neps are better kept a bit drier: just moist not wet. A ventrata wil do alright but other species are more sensitive to root rot, it's a matter of finding a ballans between dry and wet, something in between there is good for Neps.
  12. When you mean that the basal is 15cm in lenght, not leaf span, than you can seperate it from the stem. Just cut it of with a sharp knife and threath it as a cutting.
  13. It looks like some bugs took a bite out of your leaves, but you shouldn't be concerned about the brown stem, it's just becoming woody, it's perfectly normal.