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  1. I loved the last open day at Dennis' and was sad not to be able to come this time. And the hospitality was fantastic!!... Next time I hope!
  2. Luckily Sheila and Dave reminded me and dragged me along... Been so busy the past year that the time has flown! But one thing is for sure, We were only thinking of a short stay, and the hours seemed to fly by, but how can you take in Dereks collection quickly!!... As requested I will post piccies up but need to pick the kids up from school first!. Thank you Derek for another wonderful open day!
  3. Very nice Simon. Its good to see your plants are thriving my friend!!
  4. I have a setup similar to Andy's but need to clean and repot. Parafin heaters killed quite a few of my plants in the past and fleece gets in the way and seriously reduces light levels I found. Definitly outside bubble wrap. Much easier. I have lowlands in a seperate tank and highlands/ intermediate in the greenhouse. Humidity is from a fish tank with a few jack dempseys in... seems to work nicely. Again I have interspaced flourescent lights on the main wall for winter growing..
  5. Two basal shoots will generaly indicate a healthy root system...give it a provado spray and let the plant grow out the problem...basals in effect are from the main stem and would have to be treated as cuttings. let it vine then take cuttings and change its disposition. the idea of turning the pot on its side may give extra basals to play with but I have not experimented with this yet...good luck Sam!
  6. Nepenthes tend to go from looking fine to stem rot if they have insufficient light. Your bulb should do the trick but may burn the leaves.. If it is a decision between leaf burn and death then you are doing ok... N.Spectabilis is quick to rot in my experience ... good luck.
  7. I havent read everything Phil but have you sealed the wood on the inside?.. Otherwise a good Job... I am having thoughts of stripping out and redoing my hothouse next year and your design (as well as Dennis') is giving me the impetus!! thumbs up my friend!!
  8. Interesting topic, My older specimen of Bokor has outstripped my others and is similar to Fran├žois' second example. The others have yet to catch up. I am more "locally" interested at the moment in the smilesii and bokor seedlings and relative comparisons. My biggest worry at the moment is winter and my inevitable loss of 'struggling' plants!...Roll on summer?
  9. What a lucky chappy you are!! if only all nepenthes were sold as a pair!!!!!
  10. Cody!! I find no one situation works with everyone!!! I think plants get used to were they are and sometimes thrive, but the idea is to try and get it right and then change things in small increments if a plant isnt doing as well as it should.... I have a macfarlaneii that hasnt grown for three years and the damn thing just sits there... maybe this year!!!
  11. I lost one of the seedlings the other day.. just turned out there was a sphagnum growth spurt!!... I was joyful in finding it again oh yes.. but not half as happy when I found another seedling in the reinwart green that I had sprinkled on the top of that....fingers crossed we will have a green and a red in the same orchid basket... I thought of doing a jig but I have no lower body rhythm to speak of!!
  12. Too true Andy!... I had an infestation on my hamata but luckily it encouraged basal growth... I now have three basals but the main stem was cut and quickly rotted away... very lucky for me as the rot had just started when I opted to take the infected area as a cutting... The glabrata is growing like mad and I also have a high humidity and ambient temp of approx 75 to 85....
  13. Hi Heather.. the sib I used to have was extremely temperamental and I think I gave it too much attention in the end.. thus killing it.. supprise supprise... I did find that moving it wasnt a great idea but in the end I think my setup just doesnt suit some neps... thats why I was eager for the reinwardt seed as my green form has gone from approximately a couple of inches high when purchased last year to vining and well into 2 foot long.... one of those lucky instance when I got something right!!!!
  14. I hope it works out Mark..Cp's are funny ol' buggers at times even though we give them the greatest of care!!
  15. Yes Mark, that is one thing that is constant in my terrarium and it is a sodium lamp and a tubular thermostaticly controlled heater. The bical would never have got through winter without it. It is an "insurance gesture" but seems to work.
  16. You are in luck Hugo... I am just waiting for the next batch to ripen ... email me at my usual address.. [email protected] and that will ensure I will panic when I forget! I have decided to send u.nelumbifolia already 'germinated' but I will put a bit of seed in for you to see how quickly they grow if you would like that too. Its just as few already growing on a strip of tissue is a safer bet with these things.
  17. I would have thought so Mark... I mean when I used kerosene to heat the greenhouse for a few months I had the highest mortality of plants by far... in fact that was when a large bulk including that stenophylla rotted off.. Now I cannot back up any evidence but the greenhouse was 'fumey' and since my new setup has been functioning I have only lost plants that have been damaged in transit. It may well have been a combination of many things but I have not used the kerosene in the greenhouse since.
  18. Well done Robert!... Highly deserved in my opinion!!
  19. Very nice Bill.. It is a fascinating species and your specimen looks marvellous.. I am jealouus... does it show!
  20. A plan is a good idea and the use of space is well executed Jim.. nice one!... I am having the same problem with a three acre plot at the mo and even a rough drawing helps a lot. Well done that man!
  21. I keep mine in a secondary terrarium Mark and have noticed that when used to the high humidity and temperatures then it does not like any form of cold.. and when bigger they are even more fussy!!!.. If you do have problems then do send it down here and I will endeavor to strike cuttings for you.. whatever happens Mark I wish you the best
  22. Very nice Mike! Its a shame I wasnt at my Mothers! they are so underestimated but when they flower they are spectacular
  23. Just in case make sure there is no mite infestation ie tiny white bugs.
  24. I think the whole world has a cutting from your ventricosa inermis Bill!! Mine is in rude health too!!!