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  1. Morning All, I spend he majority of my time away from the UK, hence don't get to check on my collection very often. I am now back in the UK for a while, and whilst the collection is doing very well (mainly VFTs, dews, sarras and a few pings), the VFTs and Sarras look like they could really do with splitting. My questions are: - is it OK to split the VFTs at this time of year? If so, would other growers recommend 50 / 50 peat and sand, and are there any other specific things to look out for when splitting and repotting? - I know sarras are best divided in winter / spring, however is it possible to do them at this time of year? Would growers recommend 50 / 50 peat and perlite for this potting mix, and again, anything to look out for, particularly when repotting so late? I'm aware that summer is probably not the ideal time to be doing this, however I am not sure when I will next have the opportunity to look at my plants properly. Thanks all for the advice! Matt
  2. Hi there, I am a very keen grower of carnivorous plants in the UK but am currently on a year's working holiday visa in Australia and would really love to see some plants in the wild. I am based on the Atherton tablelands near Cairns at the moment but will be travelling around from July onwards. I would really love some help from growers as to where I might find plants in this area, and whether I would need to wait for the wet season to find drosera etc. I went for a hunt around yesterday in creek beds etc but could not find anything, maybe it is too dry for the plants at the moment? I did find a yellow-flowered utricularia in a ditch next to a flood plain, not sure which it was though. Any help on where some good sites are in this area would be much appreciated, I have a van so can travel quite widely at weekends. I will also be looking for more tips when we start to move in July, but for now anywhere in the Cairns vicinity would be great. Also, are there any growers in the area who would be willing to let me have a look at their collection? I would be most interested to see what species can be cultivated up here: I think it would be pretty hard to give the plants which require it a proper dormancy seeing as we are nearly in winter and it's still 30 degrees!! Looking forward to hearing from someone soon. Best regards, Matt
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. Best regards, Matt
  4. Hi there, I have a couple of portions of u. chrysantha and fulva which I am growing in my stovehouse terrarium. The plants are not in water, and are just on cappillary matting. They do not seem to be doing very well unfortunately and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice how to grow them. Any help much appreciated. Best regards, Matt
  5. On the back of this, I am wondering what I should do with my drosera rubripetala, which is apparently another name for drosera cistiflora (please correct me if I'm wrong). I have been keeping this plant wet all summer as I only found out it was a winter growing sundew a few weeks ago. My question is what should I do with it now, it is already showing signs of dieing back and has flowered? I am thinking of moving it to my hothouse terrarium but letting it dry out so it thinks it is a hot, dry summer. would this be a good idea? Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  6. Hi Langy, Do you use additional lighting for your tuberous and pygmies, only I knwo that they can sometimes suffer as a resuly of the reduced daylength in our winters. Cheers, Matt
  7. Hi All, I am in the process of moving my plants to warmer locations for the winter and am unsure what to do with the following two: d. madagasceriensis and d. intermedia 'Big Audrey' from Brazil Do these species require a dormancy? If not I will put them in one of my terrariums, but am unsure whether to put them in my lowland nepenthes hothouse terrarium, or highland nepenthes coolhouse terrarium. Both terrariums receive a 13hr photoperiod. I know the two may require different conditions so any help would be appreciated. Best regards, Matt
  8. Hi All, I just moved my four different cephalotus clones into my highland nepenthes terrarium. My question is does this species require a reduced photoperiod in winter in order for it to have a dormancy (does it even require a dormancy?)? The reason I ask is that the terrarium receives 13 hours of light year round to keep the nepenthes growing, and I am wondering if this may exhaust the ceph? Any help appreciated. Best regards, Matt
  9. Hi, The two annual drosera I have are starting to die back, but they do not seem to have produced much seed yet - the flower stalks with seed pods are still fairly green. The problem is, I have only just brought them in today and they have been in my unheated greenhouse these last few nights. Could it be the cold that has made them die back or is it about the time of year that they would be doing that? Also, when should I be expecting to harvest seed, do I need to wait until the seed pods turn brown and what sort of time of year should that be happening? Many thanks, Matt
  10. Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some advice on what I might do with my drosera rubripeltata. I have had this species a few months and have bee growing it in a water tray with other drosera all summer, but have just realised that is one of the South African winter growing, summer dry species, and therefore should have been dormant in the summer. What would be the best course of action to take: a) keep the plant in water throughout the winter and then begin to dry the pot out in spring and let it go dormant, or b) let it go dormant now by slowly drying out the pot and then begin adding water next spring to make it a summer grwoing species Also, how dry do these species like their pots during dormancy? Do they need the bone-dryness that most tuberous drosera do? Many thanks, Matt
  11. Hi there, All my tuberous drosera are obviously dormant at the moment, in pots under the benches with soil baked dry. Assuming they have made it (this is my first year growing them) when should they start to come out of dormancy, and do I need to start watering the pots to make them grow, or will they start to sprout even with the soil baked hard. Any advice appreciated. Best regards, Matt
  12. Hi, I currently have most of my aquatic utrics in tanks under the benches in my greenhouse but my U. gibba and U. minor are currently in jars in full sun on top of one of the benches. Would these two species also be happier under the benches? Or do aquatic utrics generally prefer full sun? Many thanks, Matt
  13. Rob, Thanks for the tip. The plant is still small, I think it will flower next year judging by other plants I have seen of this species. The thing is, if I don't let it go dormant, will it just keep growing right on through until next year, and will that mean that it will get weaker? Many thanks, Matt