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  1. It's most definatly a Hybrid with Nep. Gymnamphora in it! Good luck! Cya
  2. And what are you supposed to do if there planted in Sphagnum moss and not peat? Thanks! Cya
  3. Hey Treefrog! I had a similar problem with mites on neps just buy some safer's End-All do one treatment a week until gone!(Usually 2-3 treatments do the job!) Good luck! Cya
  4. I have a N.Spectabilis getting ready to flower... Don't know if its male or female... Will post soon! See ya
  5. Newe growth points! see ya
  6. Hi! Yes its a pure ventricosa and its a highland but can take lowland conditions but best is highland conditions! see ya
  7. N. spectabilis x ventricosa
  8. Insectivore


    Nepenthes are tropical plants and require no dormancy so can be replanted whenever you like! I don't find so, at least I find that this only rarely happens! see ya
  9. Insectivore


    If they look like they are overcrowding each other then yes you should! see ya
  10. Still to young maybe?
  11. South Shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada!
  12. Not a N. X Coccinea! Thats For sure... :? I would say a Maxima Hibrid... see ya
  13. Thanks for the nice comments! The Anglica X Spatulata is not a Dielsiana, I bought it from the Canadian Carnivorous Plant Societe (CCPS)! See ya P.S. For the nep theres not enough room in my mini greenhouse and I will post more pics of neps soon!