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  1. im looking to sell off most my collection this year so need to set up a pay pal account been a complete technophobe and not trusting electronic transactions i was wondering if members could give me heads up on what are the popular scams used and any other things to watch out for, ive read all there bumpf but you cant beat experience and i know you guys have that! thanks
  2. diva

    ID needed please

    its a mongrel hybrid with unknown parentage, definately not ladybug which isnt as common this side of the pond . i notice your in tamworth im just up the road in lich!
  3. By all green I'm presuming they ment maxima?
  4. My first one was transported 8 miles by bike and car! Lol strapped sections to my bike and when I blagged a lift got the glass. Worth the effort 
  5. both mine were free and i sold 2 last year that i got for nothing (apart from a cut finger and a few scrapes!) local papers in the spring when people stop using the greenhouse as a garden furniture store are the best bet
  6. The right pencil will write on mist things and never fades.
  7. Welcome aboard from staffordshire
  8. Did you buy it as maxima? Slack named a cultivar maxima that has a Lil red in the throat, ths plant is easy to distinguish as it has a bluey tint to it. Photo would help.
  9. As we've all seen massive plants bursting tiny pots I don't think anyone told the plants. I did a Lil very unscientific experiment a couple of years back were I put roughly the same size plants in small and large pots (standard pots not long toms) the results I got would suggest bigger the pot taller the plant (I'm no expert but I just figured the larger the root system the better anchored the taller it grew, to it's given height) I only did it with a flava, lueco and minor. I've grown a few minors on deep rose pots and personally I think they do better, I tried this as I always find minor to
  10. boiling it makes it harder! water evaporates minerals do not. get a RO unit (plenty of info on a few threads on here) if you want more de ionised water for your buck go to a fork lift company they supply larger quantities (for the batterys)
  11. I always appreciate the baby's free aphid catching abilities at this time of year. I always leave any egg cases/webs I find over winter but if there BUGGING you remove any you find I guess.
  12. Got a few that are producing growth in the leaf axils but overall my plants (sarra and dion) have fared ok, alot better than I feared they would back in feb.
  13. You'de be hard pressed to kill a purpurea purpurea they grow way up into Canada (and survive happily at several uk sites) it's the state/provincial plant of nova scotia!
  14. Yes I've also tried pure sand and perlite, I think the problem is unless your water is perfect all the time they slowly decline as there's no media to buffer it.
  15. Vermiculite contains minerals that leach out, I'd only use it on Mex pings.