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  1. Hello Annette, at this point they have been in the refrigerator since I received them. I guess if I had it to do all over again, I'd probably leave some out and some in. I based my actions, in part, on representations made by the nursery that sold me the plants.
  2. Thank you Seandew. Hello Gardenofeden, the plants were already slowing down when I received them. They have been in the frig now since I received them. I was tempted to let them grow on myself and now I am questioning if that isn't what I should have done.
  3. I'm thinking that perhaps it might be a good idea for me to ask to move this thread out of Dormancy and over into Pitcher Plants where it might attract the attention of people who import/export Sarracenia. Would it be possible to move this thread over to Pitcher Plants if that wouldn't be too much trouble for someone?
  4. Well, now I truly have some conflicting comments on the Sarracenia. A friend of mine checked with a few people at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens who have been growing Sarracenia far longer than me. Both claimed the plants should be kept growing through the summer and believed "shoving them in a refrigerator would kill them". Are there actually any members who have imported plants from Australia who had to address these issues because of the flip flop seasons?
  5. I'd still like to know the answer to how to deal with lungwort spores question. I'd also still like to know anything anyone may know about this-
  6. I'd love to place another overseas order next year. We know about Peter Paul. We've all watched in amazement as Dean Cook bid on Nepenthes plants from overseas where the seller basically all but stated he was going out and collecting them- Lemme see here, who else? I am clean, I applied for all the permits and was granted same. I have a credit card that will automatically convert currency. Which nurseries outside of the US will be able to get phytos and CITES that accept credit card payments so I can place an order next year? I don't want to deal with any nurseries that field collect or purchase their parent stock from people who do.
  7. Hey Jim, I've got my own system of mulching. I've used white pine needles sandwiched in between oak leaves sandwiched in between more white pine needles and in the spring it can be peeled off quite easily. This year I used a polar fleece product and it worked just as well. It's the heaving from the freeze thaw cycles that causes big trouble. Hey Seandew- Regarding Lungwort spores, how would you suggest I address the presence of same?
  8. Hey Jim. I overwinter potted Sarrs right in their pots in the garage in front of windows. The temps stay above freezing in the garage and the plants do quite well. I have several shelving units in front of windows in the garage and they can handle hundreds of pots so I'm good to go there. Plants out in the bogs do quite well however they need polar fleece or a layer of mulch to reduce the effects of the freeze/thaw cycles around here. These plants are going to have to stay in the frig. We're into spring right now and the attic will start hitting temps of 100+ even with vents and fans so that's not an option for the next 8-10 weeks. How is your new home? Are you settled in? Congrats on a Ping bloom! Is it one of the plants I sent you? Did you ever get your U. sandersonii 'Blue' to bloom/ Just curuious. I still think your problem was your windows.
  9. I knew there were only two choices- an extremely long growing season or dormancy. In consideration of the fact they were just entering dormancy, I'm going to go with the refrigerator. I have this little voice that tells me it would be too disruptive to pull them out of dormancy now to let them grow on for the whole season here. Add to this that they were in a box for a week and I truly believe a dormancy is in their best interests. The length of the dormancy was a question I had. I think for the VFTs, I will hold at around 8 weeks. A longer dormancy makes sense for the Sarrs. I'll go with 10 weeks. The question I now have is how to properly store them in the refrigerator. It had been my intent to hydrate some NZ LFS and ring it out until it was just barely damp. I was either going to dust the roots with sulfur or spritz with Safer's Garden Fungicide and the active ingredient in that is sulfur. them with Bonide Fung-onil. The active ingredient in Fung-onil is Chlorothalonil. The other possibility would be to spritz them with Physan 20. Active ingredients in that are dimethylethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides and I'm about as comfortable with those as I am with using Captan. Suggestions on which fungicide to use for the next 10 weeks? Interestingly enough, I read somewhere that there were growers who were floating their VFTs in water for the duration. I do not recall where I read that. To the best of my recollection, the VFTs were literally left to float in a pan of water in the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks and the water was changed every 10 days or so. Has anyone any experience with this? Does anyone recall any specifics on this? Hey uglypho, Dean Cook is out west somewhere. I presume he would have acclimated them himself prior to selling them so why would the VFTs you bought from him have needed a dormancy? Did he literally take them out of a shipping crate from Australia and sell them off? You're kidding aren't you? I don't believe I ordered a 'Dingley's Giant'. I only ordered a few and 'Clayton's Red Sunset' was one of them.
  10. Last night I received an order I placed to Triffid Park. Quite a few Sarracenia and several VFT. Their seasons are the exact reverse of ours. This is a problem given it is spring here in the US whilst it was fall over there and the plants shipped to me were all entering dormancy. They are bare rooted and in my refrigerator right now. I don't quite know what else to do with them other than to wrap their roots in damp LFS and let them stay there for 6-8 weeks. I normally have no problems over wintering plants but this is just an odd ball situation. Suggestions? Any recommendations based on personal experiences please? Should I sprinkle some sulfur on their roots before wrapping them in LFS? Should I cut down the pitchers to around 8"? Is 6 weeks long enough to keep them in the frig or should I go a full 8 weeks? I truly would be interested in how others have handled this situation.
  11. Sounds as if they will be fine in a standard peat/rinsed sand mix. I am currently cold stratifying the seed in a refrigerator and figured I would leave them there for about 30 days. I found the areas in which they were growing naturally to be a possible indicator that these plants should be provided with special treatment and evidently they are to be treated as any other temperate ping. Interesting. We'll see how I do. Here's hoping first and foremost that they germinate and from there here's hoping they don't go poof and die on me. Thank you binataboy. Seandew, who is George? If I am successful with this species, let's find a way to get seed to you. What country are you in?
  12. Thank you Sheila, that helps. I've got grandiflora and it seems to be able to be frozen solid like villosa and vulgaris and it comes back. I didn't think the corsica could handle those conditions. Perhaps I'll pull it in the garage for the winters as I am doing with macroceras. Do you grow any of the others I was asking about? I caught a reference from a member from Italy who indicated the poldinii was very difficult to grow. Maybe I should just send him a private message and beg for help. Just kidding, he probably hasn't seen these threads or he would have tried to offer advice.
  13. This is the Pinguicula that I am most interested in learning more about. If anyone has any personal experience growing this, I would be most appreciative if those experiences would be shared with me.
  14. Hello Shrek, thank you for your links. Have you any personal experience with germinating or growing this species per chance?
  15. Tips on germinating and growing P. corsica please.