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  1. I wouldn't go for bottled water, as it doesn't contain all the nutrients your plants request for their well-being. You can find a good filter for the running water in your house that would be more useful and efficient for your plants. You can also choose the temperature of the water, save the money you would spend on buying bottled water, and stop wasting a large amount of plastic out of the bottles. There is an enormous number of water-related services you can find in your region that would help you fix all the issues you encounter in a very short period of time. The one I go for every time is
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    Aircon unit

    I also have a portable aircon. It is very useful, especially when I travel with my friends. Last month my friends and I decided to have a trip to a different country, and we took the aircon with us. It was the best idea, because it helped us really well. The weather was hot. I have to clean it regularly because it is very delicate. However, you have to clean it to remove all the bacteria. By the way, if you want to have a portable aircon, I recommend you to use: This is the website where I have bought it, and I am delighted with the results.