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  1. Being new to carnivorous plants, Would fresh Natural Welsh Moss Sphagnum Moss be OK to put on to of the mix round my plants, butterworts, sundews and pitcher. That is if I give it a good clean with fresh rain water. I don't want to use the wrong sort and harm my plants Any help much appreciated Les
  2. Hello Itchy, Welcome to the forum. I am also quit new to this forum and carnivorous plants. I saw a Pinguicula Tina and really like it, so it had to come home with me. Good look with your collecting. Les 24
  3. HI dennisB Thank you for your help I have been on the website and printed the ones of to have a good read and learn a bit more about the plants. Quit an interesting site. I have a lot to learn, but I think well worth it in the end. Cheers for your help Les24
  4. Hi Guy Thank you for your advice and help with this. I will start leaving them in the greenhouse except the Nepenthes. I am watering them with distilled water. and have started to just keep them damp. I think I have a lot to learn, but worth it in the end. Cheers for your help Les24
  5. Now that I am retired and walking round a garden centre. I thought I would try and keep some carnivorous plants. I went a bit mad or maybe a totally mad and brought 6 plants. one Pinguicula Tina. Two Drosera capensis. Two Nepenthes monkey cups. One Venus flytrap. I have an unheated greenhouse that I have been putting them in the day and bringing them into the house at night apart from the Pingguicula Tins which I have keeped in the house all the time. I have re-potted them into deeper plastic pots and just water them with distilled water. Now this is where I need your advice on how to take care of them over the winter. I have put some photo's of the plants for you to see. Than