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  1. Stunning plants. Love the way you grow your Cephalotus
  2. Beautiful! I wonder how much of the red coloration is due to environmental stresses and how much of it is related to genetic factors - Denis
  3. Hi, Identification will be hard without anymore informations. For 3 and 4 we could think about Drosera capillaris... But there are species that really look like to Drosera capillaris, such as Drosera communis. To make a difference, photos of seeds are needed. Plant 1 is most probably Drosera spatulata. I think that plant 2 is too young to be identified. See you. Denis
  4. Hello, Nice shots! pic 6: In my opinion this is not Drosera oblanceolata... It looks like Drosera intermedia (a tropical form?). I may be wrong. Any specialist to confirm? regards. Denis
  5. Hi all, I found informations on a french forum. Apparently Drosera glabripes is an easy grower. It never really goes dormant (Jean-Jacques Labat, from Nature et Paysages, loses many plants each summer cause of important temperatures. Leaves and stems die, only roots keep alive. With lower temperatures, plants grow all along the year). An important humidity seems to be needed. See you. Denis
  6. Hi Greg, hi all. I grow this species for a few months. It seems to be well but I don't know when its dormancy period will come. How are your plants? Did you fond any tips about this plant's cultivation? See you. Denis
  7. Hi all, Thanks for these comments. I effectively grow them in a windoswill (with sun in the morning) and have not any special installation. Humidity is not important, and I dont understand why they seem to like this place... For Flycatchers: I bought this Heliamphora elongata two years ago. Adult pitchers appeared last year (I think it was in september)... It's really a slow grower (slower than H.ionasii!). One more time thanks for your comments. See you soon. Denis J.
  8. Hi all, Some photos of my Heliamphoras, made a few weeks ago. I hope that you will enjoy... Heliamphora chimantensis Heliamphora elongata Heliamphora minor Heliamphora minor (akopan) Heliamphora nutans (tramen tepuy) See you. Denis J.
  9. Hello, I bought an Heliamphora chimantensis at Lyon, last year. In my opinion this species is one of the easiest to grow... Today I have a dense clump of it. H.minor and H.heterodoxa are also easy to grow See you, Denis