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  1. Here are a few pictures of my VFT starting to take off. They did quite well this year considering the wet winter we had. Bigmouth VFT in 12" pot. Here is last year after repotting and division. Now here is the same pot 1 year later. Here is my pot of typical VFT, growth seen over 1 year. Last year This year Mini bog with VFT Akai Ryu, S. purpurea and D. filiformis (and baby D. filiformia var. trayci) S. oreophila is now finally starting to grow well, I didn't think it would make it through the winter as it was very unhealthy and didn't look good, but now it has 5 growth points and is growing the best it ever has, go figure :-O Finally, a vft seedling.
  2. I can get a picture of my "D. dielsiana" plants if your interested? I've yet to get a flower stalk as I cut it so the plants would grow a little bigger and get stronger, but I can definitely get plant pics? Also I can do close macros of the plant if there is a particular area that would need to be examined?
  3. Well as my S. x 'purple people eater' is growing rapidly larger and producing bigger pitchers, it is beginning to show its separation from other pitcher plants that I've seen and why it will be a beautiful plant once it fully matures. Here are some pictures showing the progress and changes! Unfortunately my camera doesn't do the best with pics like this so the coloration seen doesn't do it justice! First pitcher it had when I received it. First pitcher it produced under my care a few weeks ago. Now notice the latest pitcher it produced, how much larger it is and the difference in the hood size and coloration.
  4. I believe its a mud dabber wasp, we have a ton of those and I see them flying around all my cp for some reason, not sure why? Here is a pic I found via google of what they look like, the one's I see. Click here
  5. Wow this one was pretty hungry, caught a big wasp! Bit off a little more than he could chew! What a pot of death this is, look at all the fly carcasses!! Btw, here is a close macro I took where you can actually see the texture of dead lfs as well as the plant cells in these seedlings and U. subulata leaves. Anyone have any other ideas for macro shots?
  6. Here are a few Sarrs I took some pics of, and then a little minibog I made with some dews and Red Dragon VFT. S. alata 'Covington, LA' New S. x 'purple people eater' pitcher opened! I love this plant!! Minibog D. filiformis var. trayci Red Dragon VFT What's amazing is the plants in the minibog (filiformis and filiformis var tracyi and vft red dragon) were in very poor shape when I received them from the place I ordered. However given some TLC, they have responded amazingly well! enjoy the pics, the purple people eater has to be my new all-time favorite pitcher plant, for now!
  7. Would it be worthwhile to maybe try propagating this plant via leaf cuttings, and sending a few to other growers to see if this is a stable and consistent trait? I've got about 7 or 8 plants producing the multiple trigger hairs like this.
  8. Well only 2 traps are open currently because the rest are filled with bugs (wonder why haha), but both of the traps have 15+ trigger hairs total. It's not just one plant thats like this, I have 3 of them like this.
  9. I had a hard time getting it in focus so you can see all the trigger hairs, but it's clear enough that I think you can see the excessive amount of trigger hairs some of my "typical" vft have. I counted 18 I think on this particular trap.
  10. Updated the thread as a few of the pics disappeared somehow, not sure why? What do you guys think? I'm not very good at doing macros its my first real attempt.
  11. Here are some pics of a few of my drosera collection, as well as some macros. Enjoy and let me know what you think! D. intermedia "Cuba" with fireant! D. intermedia "Cuba" macro shot D. intermedia "Cuba" seedling D. tokaiensis macro P. medusina emerging from dormancy (recent arrival as well)
  12. Well, spring is here and my VFT are really beginning to grow. I have been busy with school lately and have not had much time for TF. Now that I am almost finished, I had the time to take some pics of my vft. Enjoy! Bigmouth VFT My typical vft's have been infected with some aphids and is now beginning to recover. And for good measure, a S. alata Covington, LA. I actually have too many of these and may trade some this year. I have 6 pots full of them, 4 pots are seen in the photo.
  13. Here are some new pics. Please let me know what else I can do to improve them. Enjoy! D.aliciae D.spatulata (this is my favorite) D.capensis N. Judith Finn [/img]
  14. It is a Panasonic FZ7 and the Raynox DCR 250 macro lens. This combination works very well for me and is very easy to use. Total cost is around $315. I do have a tripod, but it is not that great. I will post some pics a little later that I have lengthened the exposure time. Thanks for the nice complements everybody, dewy
  15. Here are some new pics that I took after receiving a new macro lens for my birthday. Please feel free to offer any suggestions on how I might make the pics better since I am still learning. I hope you enjoy! D.aliciae VFT D.scorpioides D.burmannii seedling Unknown sundew (looks like D.sessifolia to me) D.graminifolia D.capensis U.subulata seeds D.spatulata