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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to do some research for a school technology project and was wondering if any mini-greenhouse, step-in greenhouse or coldframe growers could fill out a short questionaire for me? I'm designing a mini greenhouse and so I need a section in the project folder for market research from unbiased users of the products. if anyone would be willing to answer the questions below i'd really appreciate it. If you can, try to elaborate a bit as 'yes' or 'no' answeres aren't quite as useful. Also, if you've used more than one type of greenhouse, or used the same one in different situat
  2. I have to agree with manders, looks like x coccinea (at least, the red pitchered plant is - maybe two different hybrids in one pot??). coccinea is another hybrid which is occasionally sold at garden centres: http://www.forumcarnivore.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=1392 http://www.forumcarnivore.org/album_pic.php?pic_id=1394 (just thought i'd add that these aren't my photos, found them with bob z's photo finder)
  3. In the greenhouse I use 'kitchen-devils' (hard wearing scissors). Every day something needs old leaves chopped back or stems cut down, these are good for both tiny delicate leaves and hard, thick stems. They're made to cut through chicken bone so are basically all in one pruners! For indoors, I'm never without the surgical tweezers - use them for everything! I don't know if it really counts but the pond pump I use to get water from the butts into a hose has made my watering easier for years. haven't used the watering can for ages.
  4. I got mine that way, I took a lot of pictures of how it all fit together, numbered some of the beams then took the whole thing apart. I managed to keep the two arches together and with four people dismatling, managed to get it done in about 45mins.
  5. hen

    The True VFT Giant

    I think Ingens is latin, Musa ingens is the giant banana species so maybe it relates to large size or prehistoric origin?
  6. Wow! I really like the look of the plants grown naturalistically like that, shows them off nicely! They seem to get good results from it too. Does anyone have experience of growing neps in beds? I have a few beds in the greenhouse but I haven't tried any CPs in them. I suppose you would have to dig out a large area and line it with pond liner/weed fabric then fill it with a peaty spagnum mix. This is something I'd quite like to try at some point, anyone got any ideas on how they do it successfully? Thanks for the excellent pics!
  7. When you say "waterlogged" do you literally mean sitting in water? This could be why the pitchers are dropping early?
  8. Very Nice Pictures! The Bromeliads look like they could be V.imperialis
  9. Hey Joel, My greenhouse at the moment is 10 x 8 and I grow a few neps inside. I house electrics by using an extension cord from the house which Is wrapped in a clear, tough plastic bag. You can unplug/plug things in through the plastic so you wont have to worry about splashing the plugs. I just use an aros £10 fan heater and a small convection heater for winter months aswell. I always have a rotating fan running 12months of the year. It keeps the air moving and allows the heat to spread evenly through the greenhouse and doesn't leave any standing air. You also get a nice effect of all the br
  10. Excellent! thanks Vic! I've been looking for this for quite some time! Just going off to call the supplier now, Bracknell is only a 10 min drive from here (thanks for finding my closest dealer too)
  11. Does anyone know any suppliers of coarse peat? I got a small bit from a friend to pot some orchids and bromeliads and now I can't get enough of it! I've potted two Cattleyas in sifted coarse peat (using the chunky part) and three others in pure Sphagnum, the ones in peat are now showing signs of flowering whereas the sphagnum plants are only just showing shoots. I'm planning to make some bromeliad beds from it so now I need a lot! I've seen that Hampshire carnivorous plants sell small bags of 'german peat' but its very expensive for the size you get. Does anyone else use this compost or hav
  12. theyre researching (quite successfully I think) a way to propagate them through leaf cuttings. Should hopefully bring down the price of these giants by a fair bit.
  13. Only very occasionally do the pitchers need filling up, when they have been spilled is really the only time it's neccessary. I'm guessing that you picked yours up at hampton court on the weekend from Matthew Soper?? (I got one too, most of the pitchers were empty so i have filled a couple back up a very small amount) Some people say that nepenthes will tolerate tapwater, personally i don't think it does them any good, rainwater or sometimes riverwater is all i use for neps (that goes for misting and filling pitchers too ;)) Give it a go on that windowsill, the pitchers will shrivel and drop
  14. exactly the same thing happened to my griffithii after i got it. I potted it in a more perlite based mix but it hasn't yet grown back. :?
  15. Definately agree with that one! H.garderianum is beggining to take over the greenhouse and really helps with the 'jungly' feel. I've only had one bloom but the scent filled the entire greenhouse! I tried cardamoms from the dried pods, if you soak them in water for a few days they go soft and actually looked quite viable. I didn't have any luck but i've been meaning to try it again. try typing Elettaria cardamomum into the RHS plant finder and you'll find quite a few suppliers. I've been successful with quite a few supermarket buys. Yams and sweet potatoes are great greenhouse climbers. Also