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  1. pulsar

    Toad Lily

    slow to germinate and can take quite awhile to produce stolons
  2. pulsar

    strange dionaea

    a few years on and seems to be very very slow growing got about 6 or so plants of it now survived a few winters in an unheated greenhouse not the best photos just a quick shot on my phone
  3. most perlite in the uk is horticultural grade medium.you can get coarse grade but its not generally stocked by suppliers so can be quite a wait to get some fine grade is only really useful for sowing seeds ect and taking cuttings ect into small plugs
  4. sorry to hear i know i nearly put all my plants in the bin last summer i lost virtually all my cephalotus the plants that did survive are still struggling ill end up scrapping them too i think this is the first time in over 20 years ive lost any more than a few cephalotus got so angry in august i nearly put everything in the bin though its nowhere near as expensive or stressful as my other hobby which is building highly modified cars ended up getting water in the ecu a month ago and fried the ecu luckily i managed to get it repaired if not it would have cost over £3000 on another ecu and mapping to get it driving again
  5. ive done work for quite a few people in the north with mistletoe on old apple trees
  6. We had something at work earlier this year called purple haze looks very similar to your photo
  7. though i wouldnt put it straight into a big huge pot
  8. just for welshy really still got the lp somewhere
  9. always liked the mob remember hitching a lift to see them in london when i was 16
  10. but if im on youtube id always put on something like after a few minutes
  11. https://youtu.be/pAQLBRgLmbI https://youtu.be/p2pYl_vYiyc and https://youtu.be/4pfiLjL6-HI
  12. You sure the email didn't go to spam He has updated his post and there are still some dark clones on his spares
  13. A few plants I split last year(split too late in the year too) think I split them in May and were fine by July The ones I split this year in January are now starting to produce adult pitchers I'd guess you should be getting good grower again by end of June
  14. I grow mine in a 50/50 peat perlite mix and find I get good results I also tend to grow mine quite wet during the summer I personally wouldn't grow it outside as it'll get a bit battered from the weather.it can survive low temperatures but I've found it takes a long time to come into full growth again
  15. I've used it at home and at work found it to be totally useless.it gave orchids and nepenthes nice green leaves did the same to dahlias and chrysanthemums at work and also seemed to make nice healthy aphids and red spider mites
  16. pulsar


    At work when I use it(and at home) I open up a part of the bag and pour in some water stops the dust
  17. as titled my ventricosa has just opened
  18. the bright early spring seems to be colouring the pitchers up early this year they are taken on my phone so not quite as dark as they infact are first one is a big boy that i bought from veek last year other are just typical
  19. post a photo up its unlikely to be thrips this early(unless you had a very bad infestation last autumn and your greenhouse is very hot)
  20. had a day off work so took the opportunity to split another big cephalotus though wish i hadnt as it was cold outside heres a few photos plant before splitting out of the pot a few of the divisions
  21. id also agree with om4 and macro lens i had a om4 with a 90mm elicar macro lens(sold it recently with a bit of regret} and using it for macro shots it was a lot more capable than than almost anything nikon or canon had to offer and still gave good results against alot of todays digital cameras i moved onto a digital slr recently just because of ease of putting and viewing photos on the pc
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